Monday, November 1, 2010

Thanksgiving Month

I am going to try something new this month. This is one of my favorite months. I love Thanksgiving. It is a warm time of family, food, reflections upon life, the goodness of God, friends, ect.... I am going to try to post a thankful each day. I want to encourage you to post, write down or think of something to be thankful for each day and thank God for it.
Today, I am thankful for cool weather. I love nippy fall weather.
Friday of last week, Michael and I were at Silver Dollar City. He took me up for my last chance to visit the Fall Festival.
Here I am in my outfit, knitting. I am working on a silk lace weight shawl for a Go Red Heart Charity raffle. Lots of lace, lots of beads.Here is Phyllis and Mr. Phyllis. They were the apple butter people at SDC. I have a jar. She has a wonderful little cookbook for pies.Here is Linda (The Yarn Farm) demonstrating weaving. She is wearing one of my designs. It is for a future book. It is called Twisted Stitches Cardigan. It looks lovely on her.I just had to show some of the jack-o-lanterns that the kids at SDC carved.
This one is my favorite. I guarantee you that this one was done by a boy! Isn't it delightfully gross?
The weather was so perfect. It is always so bittersweet. I miss seeing all the talented craftspeople who I have come to be friends with.
I got this wonderful pottery pie dish from Desiree to bake the pies from Phyllis' cookbook. Desiree is a knitter/yarnie like me. This is some raw silk yarn that Donna gave me. I wonder what it will grow up to be?
It is good to be home. I am thankful for the blessing of getting to go to SDC and do what I love with those that love crafts like I do.

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Delighted Hands said...

Such a nice weekend. Isn't it great to be a part of so many talented craftsman?! We have a Pioneer Settlement event next weekend and it will be my first time going-I am very excited and hoping to meet others who spin/weave and knit!!