Monday, January 3, 2011

2011 Time to Focus

That is a question that I have been askingmyself, often. I want that to be a question that I ask myself every time I start to obligate myself.
F-- Are the choices that I am making causing me to be fretful, fearful? Am I finding time to spend in His Word? Am I forbearing in my walk with the people who God sends across my life path? Am I being faithful to Him? Am I being faithful in my priorities to my family? Is my family a priority?
O-- Am I obedient to God's word? Am I open-hearted to the needs of those around me, especially the people who God sends across my life path? To my family? Am I open-handed with my checkbook, my love, my possession, my hospitality?
C-- Am I walking in Christ-likeness? Am I careless in the example that I am setting for people who God sends across my life path? To my family? Am I cultivating godly attitudes? Am I compassionate to the needs of those around me? Especially, my family? Am I consistent in my quiet time in God's word? Am I falling into a complaining attitude (dissatisfaction with the life God has given me to walk)? Am I being a faithful, loving, encouraging companion to my spouse? Am I careful in my walk around unbelievers? Do I show them the love of Christ?
U--Am I walking in understanding and love with the people who God sends across my life path? To my family? Am I mirroring His unfailing love? To my family? Am I being unloving in my attitude? To my family? Am I leaning on my own understanding or am I acknowledging Him in ALL my ways? Am I unashamed of the gospel of Christ? Do I walk in unity with my fellowman?
S--Am I drawing on strength from Him? Or am I walking in my own strength? Am I striving to minister to others and their needs? Especially, my family? Am I spending time investing in lives of my family, others? Am I seeking out people to minister to? Am I being selfish with my time? Am I making sacrifices of my time for others and their need? Especially, my family?

My greatest prayer for you is that God will remind you too of the need for your FOCUS to be an ETERNAL FOCUS.
I wanted to begin my blog-year with these thoughts. I hope they cause you to realign your FOCUS on the right things this year.
More tomorrow.


boo4baby said...

Great post, Kay. Needed that.

Delighted Hands said...

Will be coming back to this reminder....thanks for the encouragement. Really.

Barbara said...

Thank you for loving God as you do! I have found it very hard this year to listen to knitting or spinning pod cast because so many of them do no honor God at all. Their lifestyle is not God centered and I have had to delete several of them.

Thank you for includeing HIM who gave you the abilities you have in the first place!!

Happy 2011!