Tuesday, January 4, 2011

This is a knitting blog?

Okay, I did not begin the year 2011 with knitting on my mind. Instead, I have been sucked into quilting. I went at this venture just like I do my knitting. First, what I call acquisition (acquiring fabric, see what I mean, almost just like acquiring yarn), second planning, using graph paper, crunching numbers for sizing,and third starting multiple projects. Yes, multiple. I am working on 3 quilts at the same time.
Here are pics of my first one.
It is a 12 square quilt that is available at JoAnns.com. It is called Tulip Twist. I love the pink and brown color palette. I am learning applique and getting to use the blanket stitch on my newish sewing machine. I am finding out that it is not so easy to do blanket stitch and it is very slow, too. As you can see, I have 6 of the 12 blocks finished.
This is the other one that I am working on. It is called Meadow in bloom. On both of these, you buy each block separately, make them, then buy the setting kit to put it all together. Then the quilt top is finished.
Here is a stack of my lovely batik fat quarters that I am using for my third quilt.This is one of the squares that I made with a couple of them. Lovely, isn't it.
Today, I am working on the Meadows in Bloom, the center applique squares.
I have plans for several quilts this year.
The 3 above, two flannel ones for a very special purpose, Ben's quilt that I have had the fabric for forever, a flannel snow theme one, several for missionaries (I will have help on these). I have several charm block sets that I would love to start, too. So much fabric so little time.
I said that I would not break my yarn usage of 2010 and now you can see why.
I am really enjoying this new craft. Later this week or month, I will share one of the patterns that I am working on for quilting and how to do your own. I have to work out the bugs for it.
You will love it!

Knitting-wise: As usual, I have multiple projects going and several more in mind. I am working on a wedding shawl for Sheila at church. It is a soft white ivory and has crystal beads lined in silver and is very delicate. I have two new wraps in the wings for secret future publications. You will love them!
Weight Watchers? I haven't mentioned my weight loss in a long time. I have 7.5 lbs to my goal. I actually survived the holidays with no significant weight gain. I have no idea how in the world that I didn't gain. I was not a good girl. I finally had to purge the house of all temptations. If I was tempted by it, I threw it out. I over did the baking for my parties. Next year, less baking.
Tomorrow, I will share my list of my 2010 finished item list and some more quilt squares.

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Delighted Hands said...

Quilting is a good compliment to knitting-the knitting is still more mobile than the quilting! Beautiful work!