Wednesday, January 5, 2011

2010 Handknit and Handmade items

1.Textured Circle Shrug
2. Orange/pink/fuchsia socks
3. The other half of Notes of Lyra
4. Dark Red Shell Hat
5. Larger size Dark Red Shell Hat
6. Booties to go with the Shell Hat
7. Finished sewing and fixing Handwoven Shawl
8. Smaller version of Love Affair in Lace
9. Baby Shoes for Reagan in Green
10. Brown baby shoes for Reagan
11. Knitting in Peace Cardi/Vest
12. Baby Surprise Jacket (BSJ) for Gracelyn
13. BSJ for Cranford baby boy
14. One Ball Fall Shawl in rust Zauberball
15. Knitting in Peace for Cindy
16. Leaf Me Alone, I'm KnittingCardi/Vest
17. Cute As a Bug Baby Cardigan
18. Noro One-Ball-Fall-Shawl
19. Leaf Me Alone in KP yarn
20. Lady Bug Shoes to go with Lady Bug Cardi
21. Leaf Me Alone for Cindy
22. Fingerless Gloves for me
23. TyDye One-Ball-Fall Shawl
24. Crocheted Snake Scarf
25. Shoes for Asher Cranford
26. Elspeth for Grace
27. Entrelac Shawl for Sherry
28. Small version of Love Affair in Lace
29. Green Sampler Yoke Cardigan
30. Spring in Bloom in Cotton Ease
31. Simply Sophie Shrug for Sophie
32. Little Elizabeth Shawl
33. Tangled Yoke Cardigan
34. Elizabeth Shawl in KP Gloss Finger Weight
35. Elizabeth Shawl in KP Gloss Lace Weight
36. Simply Sophie Shrug for Natalie
37. Leaves A' Budding or A' Blazing in green
38. Spring in Bloom in KP yarn
39. Creature Comfort Cardi
40. Brandywine Shawl
41. Leaves A' Budding or A' Blazing in oranges
42. Cute as A Bug Cardigan in KP Creme Brulee
43. Larkrise to Candleford Minnie's Shawl
44. Cindy Lou Shrug in Turquoise cotton yarn
45. Leaf Me Alone in KP Comfy
46. First Shawl in Brown and Turquoise
47. Brown and Ecru Crocheted Sneakers
48. Bradford Leaf Pillow in KP yarn
49. Crocheted Sneakers for Eden
50. Larkrise Shawl in Kudos yarn
51. Cindy Lou in Silky Wool
52. Two Colored Tess Sontag
53. Green and Brown Crocheted Sneakers
54. Market Bag for Donna
55. Cindy Lou in King Tut
56. Crocheted Ballet Slippers Newborn
57. Crocheted Ballet Slippers 3-6 Months
58. Crocheted CrissCross Button-Up Booties
59. Leaf Yoke Cardi/Vest for Millie
60. Leaf Yoke Cardi Vest in Soho
61. First Shawl for Workshop
62. Malabrigo Slice of Autumn
63. Cinnamon Bark Slice of Autumn
64. Slice of Spring Shawl
65. Little Elizabeth in Mini Maiden yarn
66. Crocheted Sneakers for Lisa's GB
67. Twilight Sonata in Tencel yarn
68. Twilight Sonata in KP Gloss Finger Weight
69. Leaf yoke Cardi Vest for Amy
70. Leaves A' Blazing in Orange Silky Wool
71. Leaf Me Alone in Lamb's Pride Wool
72. Green Kudo Larkrise Shawl
73. Slice of Autumn in KP Stroll Yarn
74. Two Colored Buttoned Sontag
75, 76, 77. 3 Bulky Entrelac Leaf Pillows
78, 79, 80. 3 Market Bags for Linda
81. Solid Buttoned Sontag
82. Asymmetrical Wrap Shell
83. Crocheted Tess
84. Sea Silk Seasons of Life Leaf Shawl
85. Pink and Brown Crocheted Sneakers
86. Twilight Sonata in Starry
87. Two Colored Shrug
88. Seasons of Life Diamond Shawl in Turquoise silk
89. Holly Berry Twilight Sonata
90. Seasons of Life Leaf Shawl in Aubrey yarn
91. Learning Lace Workshop Shawl in Jojoland
92. Sock in ecru/olive green/red
93. Millie Caterpillie Scarf for Ty
94. Socks in Regia Blues
95.Small version of Seasons of Life Diamond Shawl
96. Slice of Spring Shawl in orange Jojoland
97. O Tannenbaum Cardi for Sophie
98. Knitting for a Cure Pillow
99. Bohemian Wrap
100. Granny Square Throw put together for Anita
101. Tess Sontag in Woolease Sportweight
102. Handspun Shawl
103 and 104. 2 Buttoned Scarves
105. Crocheted Bohemian Wrap #2
106. Buttoned Scarf
107. Slouch hat for Christy
108. Chunky Woolease Hat
109. Buttoned Scarf in Toho
110. Beige/Green/Tan Bamboo socks
111-114. 4 Book markers
115-117. 3 Cup Cozies
118. Keyhole Wrap for Diane
119. Crocheted Beard
120. Millie Caterpillie Scarf for Parker
121 and 122. 2 Odd Ball Buttoned Scarves
123-126. 4 Crocheted Beards
127. Charcoal Grey Woolease Toboggan
128. Learning Lace Workshop Shawl Two Row version
Tomorrow: More quilt squares.


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