Thursday, January 6, 2011

Quilt Eye Candy

Here are my batik squares for my batik quilt. Each of these giant blocks will be cut to yield four 8x8 blocks. I get 2 of these giant blocks out of 2 fat quarters. That means that for each set of two fat quarters, I get eight 8x8 blocks. Not bad. I will eventually cut these and put them together to be similar to this quilt. It is my inspiration.
Here are the pics of my center panels on my Meadows in Bloom Quilt.
Here is what it looks like put together. I could not get it all in one pic, so I am showing each of the two halves.Here is the square that will go on the sides of the center panel.
Here is the same square with more of its parts added. I have 4 more of these to do and I will be ready to quilt it.
Tomorrow: More pics of quilt pieces and a give away for my 50,000 yard goal celebration.

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Delighted Hands said...

Hmmm, sweet indeed! I can see your principles of great pattern combined with great yarn has transitioned well into the quilting realm-this is beautiful work!