Monday, July 25, 2011

Ready for a slow down

I am ready for a slow down, but this week and next, it will not happen.
Week before last, we had to make a quick trip to Kansas City, MO. Michael's last living aunt on his mom's side passed away. Aunt Wilma was 90 years old. It is such a shame that it takes a death or a wedding to get family together. Why are we like that? We have a family reunion once a year on Mike's Dad's side in KY. But on his Mom's side, we don't and we need to do something about that! Anyway, we drove up on Tues, drove home on Wed night. Long drive!
This last weekend, Michael and I, went to Hot Springs to our favorite B & B, Spring Street Inn, to celebrate our anniversary. We went a little early this year, our anniversary is not until Sunday. We will be celebrating our 29th year. What a blessing that God has given me this wonderful man to share my life with. I am sure that there is no one else who could put up with me and my crazy, crafting self.
This week is my birthday week. I would love to say that I am going to take it easy, but I have a long list of to-dos. One of them is to post a Charity Log Cabin Square pattern on this blog, this week. I am going to do it in knit, in crochet and then a baby bib to make using the technique in crochet. Then next week, I hope to show you a new craft, a new pattern to go with the craft and a give away. So, check back often.
Off to go dig in my yarn stash for some yarn to demo with.


Delighted Hands said...

This post sums up life-happy sad, good and not so great all rolled together. Congrats on the anniversary and the birthday --celebrate with your fav peoples!

crkcraft said...

Have a Happy Birthday!!!!Looking forward to seeing you sometime this summer???!!!

boo4baby said...

Love reading your posts, girlfriend!