Monday, November 7, 2011

RFTC and State Fair

I know, I know. I am becoming one of those negligent bloggers. But in my defense, I am trying to catch up my Christmas gift making.
This is for you Becky! Thank you for nudging me back to my blog!

I came home from SDC with the goal of trying to get it ALL done by the end of October. Well, I can say that it was an unrealistic goal. I did, however, finish Ben's quilt top (have to schedule time to go quilt it at my friend Sandy's), Got the pink one quilted, got another top done for a niece, have made good progress on some Christmas tree applique dishtowels. Still have much more to do. Perhaps by Thanksgiving, I will have it done. That would be so nice.
Got lots of new designs on needles, will share those in another post.

Since my last post, I demonstrated spinning at the State Fair for two days. My entries both got First Place ribbons. My handwoven shawl, I entered in the wrong category, so not sure how it would have placed for real. But my knitted tablecloth placed First. It did not get the Best In Show ribbon, but you win some, you lose some. You've seen the handwoven Shawl. What you did not see was the lace knitted tablecloth called Lyra. It took me 3 years to complete this, off and on knitting, not constant.

Some of the kids from church did great. It really does encourage them to do even more for next year. I think they are already working on some. These are some pics of Noah's first quilt and his knitted afghan. Both got Best In Show!

Here is Grace's Best In Show. This is the pattern that I featured on my blog here. Her color choices were great!

Here is mine on display.

Here is the one that got Best in Show this year.

My first Race For The Cure!This is me, Diane, Kay (our survivor) and Kay's daughter in law and grand daughter.

My favorite part of the whole race was the survivors parade. I cried, I admit it. I knew that these women were mothers, grandmothers, sisters, friends and I was thankful that they were there.
I saw friends, too.

My favorite picture is of Kay and Coach. What a great time it was to share this day with her.


Delighted Hands said...

Wonderful catcher upper!!!
Congrats on the Fair winnings-the table cloth is beautiful, getting in the right category is always risky!
So you haven't gotten the frame yet?
The parade/race is amazing-good for you to get to participate!

millymom said...

Thanks for showing the picture of the tablecloth and the Race for the Cure. I think both are definitions of beauty in God's dictionary in their own way. Thanks also for coming to DFW Fiberfest, I am signed up for your class and although I don't comment a lot I have followed your blog for a couple of years and I can't wait to learn how to use beads with my lace and get to meet you. If you have all your Christmas stuff done by Thanksgiving you will be very far ahead of most people's curve.

Brad & Betty said...

It was nice talking with you at the State Fair. Definitely need to find the time to learn how to use my spinning wheel. Your table cloth is absolutely gorgeous! What a lesson in perseverance...We are leaving for Florida next week.

Laura G said...

Congratulations on all your fair wins. The tablecloth is gorgeous! Survivors are so inspirational!

boo4baby said...

Wow! I nudged you then got so busy I didn't realize you had posted! And you made me cry......about Kay and the race. And that Lyra is so beautiful, I could cry. It was worth every moment of hard work, Kay. You inspire me and encourage me just by stopping by here. So you are not allowed to take any time "off" from this blog. :) Love you!