Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Happy February!

I cannot believe that I have only posted twice this year. I should be ashamed!
I have been very busy, though. So..........hold on and I will take you on a ride through my latest doings.
I finished this design. It is a shawl that I call "Through Thick and Thin Friendship Shawl".

My friend, Cindy, provided the yarn and the modeling for me.
You can use any thick or thin yarn. It is a great stash buster.
On this one, I used a lace weight mohair for the thin and a ribbon yarn for the thick.
You can use lace weight or sock weight for the thin and bulky weight yarn in any style. I have used ribbon yarn and thick chenille for the thick. I am almost finished with another one. I will show you that one later, once it is blocked. It is crescent shaped, as you can see.
Although it is a shawl, it looks great as a neck scarf, too. I plan on keeping one of these shawls on my needles continually and using them to build up my 2012 Christmas stash. I hope to use this shawl for a workshop in the future.
This is another shawl that I have been working on. It is called "It's All About The Bling" Shawl. It uses 450 yards of sock/finger weight yarn and 560 beads. I hope to use this for a workshop in the future, too.

I finished a pair of socks for a friend, Sue of Creekview Crafts.

I finished a lap quilt for an artist friend.

I finished another Counterpane Baby Blanket for another friend.

I finished the blocks for my Leaf Sampler Afghan pattern that I have been designing. It has 4 squares in the pattern and you make 4 of EACH for a total of 16 squares. The center 4 are a counterpane. I am doing the leaf edging on it now. It will take me a long time to finish that, since I am easily distracted by new yarn.

This is the Lone Leaf Square.

This is the Entrelac Leaf Square.

The is the Leaf Vine Square.

And this is the 4 center Leaf Counterpane Squares sewn together.

This is the whole thing together with the beginning of the edging in progress.

Then, last but not least, there is my Mom's quilt.
Remember the quilt top that I made last year, during the first week of 2011. Well, it is going to go to my Mom for her birthday. I am real please with how it turned out.

As you can tell, I made pillow shams to go with it out of some leftover fabric.

And trimmed a white bed skirt with some coordinating fabric and now it is more than a quilt.

I really am please with how lovely it is.
I am sure that I have left out many things, but that will have to do for now.
I will try to put my needles down and post more often.
Thanks for stopping by. K


Delighted Hands said...

Very nice work going on-no wonder you haven't had time to post!!! I love the thick and thin shawl-very cool! The quilts are outstanding and the set for you Mom goes the extra mile-very nice!

boo4baby said...

Love, love, love. Such beautiful creations, friend!