Monday, January 23, 2012

Lost in the land of Counterpane.

 I have been lost in the land of Counterpane. I love counterpane bedspreads and have always wanted to make one, but....................easily distracted by new yarns and new ideas. You know that I have been working on this counterpane idea.
The idea for a counterpane design came from reading a book on Paton, a Scottish missionary. In the book, it mentioned his mother’s counterpane on the bed. This one seemed appropriate to design for a young couple in our church, Douglas and Cami. Douglas is of Scottish descent and it just seemed, in my weird mind, to tie together the reading of a book about a Scottish missionary, the mention of the mother's prized counterpane on the bed, to a new baby of Scottish descent, my need to play with counterpanes and make a baby gift, too. Here are some pics. Enjoy the eye candy!

 I would love to find out more on the history of counterpanes.


Delighted Hands said...

Wow, you have outdone yourself and I love the addition of COLOR in a pattern that is traditionally white or ecru!

SSK* said...

I have an antique doll blanket that is a counterpane - I treasure it.

Have you seen the Mary Walker Phillips book 'Knitting Counterpanes' -- I could loan you my copy if you don't have access to it.

In my next life I will knit a counterpane bedspread of thread or light weight cotton. It's on my bucket list.

Mary in AR said...

So lovely! And you incorporated your trademark leaf! I'm sure the parents will be thrilled to receive this blanket.

millymom said...

This is truly eye candy. You did an amazing job and the baby blanket is sure to be treasured!

Maria THOMAS said...

Absolutely stunning!!! I have always loved the leaf centre on blankets. Made my babies one each with that design

boo4baby said...

And it is beautiful, once again!