Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Hello 2012

Boy, do I have a bunch to tell!
Okay, here are the Christmas quilts that I could not blog about until after they were given.
This is the one I made for Grace, my son's girlfriend.
I love this one. The pinks and brown had me from the very beginning. It is so perfectly girlie! It was so fun to make and I love the flower squares.
 This one was less thrilling as far as color and design. It was very straightforward like the sweetheart that it is for. Ben. It was suppose to be for his 21st b-day. What can I say, I am easily distracted by new yarn..........
 This is my GREAT niece Brooke with hers.

My Christmas list was small this year. I asked for these.

The Pursuit of God by Tozer
God's Pursuit of Man by Tozer
The Attributes of God Book 1 by Tozer
The Attributes of God Book 2 by Tozer
Any of these books, mostly the last two.

Handmaiden Sea Silk, I love this yarn. It is probably the yarn I lust after most. I like tone-on-tone colors, like Berry, Blue Lagoon, Moonstone, Salt Spray, Silver, Waterfall, Topaz, and Smoke.

I want a thumb drive plug for the Mica Bug Miata and a cup holder tray for between the seats.
Michael got me these. I love Tozer books!
 Ben got me the Sea Silk. I bought me the other yarn. You gotta love a son that gets you Sea Silk!

 Michael did surprise me with a few unexpecteds. He bought me this great quilt book that is a kind of history book, too.

 He, also, finished one of my shelves for my loom room. Here he is testing out one of his Christmas presents on my shelf. This man can make all the sawdust messes he wants, when I get something like this out of them!

 Here it is installed and painted.

Here it is being used!

It goes with the one he did for behind the door.

 Friday, the 30th, Michael took off. The weather was gorgeous and we took a nice day trip to my favorite quilt store, Country Corner Quilt Shop in Harrison. Last year, we did the same trip in the Miata and I bought one of their batik cracker jack packs. This is the quilt that I finished using it. I took it with me to show them.

My friend, Kathie, had the leaf border fabric and was getting rid of it. I am so glad she thought of me. I have had it about 2 or more years. I knew that it would show me what it wanted to be. I love it.

Notice that I overlapped the leaves along the border and blanket stitched them down. My Michael did a lovely job of helping me pick out the burgandy that I used betwwen the batik log cabin squares.

This cracker jack pack came home with me. It will grow up to be a baby quilt for our Pastor's new baby that is due in the spring.

Then we took Hwy 7 over through Jasper. We stopped by Ozark Cafe and had the BEST coconut cream pie that I have EVER had! 

We stopped for a photo opportunity at the Arkansas Grand Canyon.

Then we continued down Hwy 7 to Russellville and visited my favorite yarn store, Knit 2 Together. It really is a great yarn store and the store owner, Stephanie, is a gem.

Since it is now 2012, my Knitmeter has reset itself.
My yarn usage total for 2011 was 44,759 yards of yarn. That is only 25.43 miles of yarn or 134,277 ft of yarn.
I completed 118 knitted and crocheted projects. 33 Of those were shawls. I did not include any quilts, weaving or sewing projects in that total.
This was my last project of the year. I finished these at about 11:30 on New Year's Eve. 
 I finally finished this blanket, too. It is going to South Africa to an orphanage.

I cut this one out on Monday and it went together very easily. If you will notice, it is just like my leaf one above. I plan on doing this one in a full sized version for myself.
Do you recognize my hydrangea fabric? It was waiting for the perfect pattern, too.
New year's resolutions: Didn't make any, but I do want to grow in my walk with God. I want my life to honor and glorify Him. That will keep me busy right there. Take the time to go here and listen to the sermon our Student Pastor George Lawson gave this last Sunday. It will really help you rethink 2012. Thank you Pastor George.


Larkrise garden girl said...

I am exhausted hearing what you finished!Lol I thought I did alot before Christmas but your an inspiration!Have a Wonderful New Year and bless you for all the nice projects you do for others.Cheri

Delighted Hands said...

Wonderful goings on! The new quilts are stunning-so is your knitting. The attributes of God was the first book I read after being saved and I have given away many copies since then. Looking forward to what God unfolds for you in 2012 !

Gina said...

Such fabulous quilts!!! You are definitely multi-talented, my friend! Wonderful Christmas gifts - both those given and those received!