Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Beautiful springtime, new baby, cast-on-itis

Our beautiful Old Mill has never looked more lovely than this weekend. Even my crummy photography cannot mar it's beauty.
Ain't that just too purty.
A great place for a photo shoot. This is one of the ones that I photographed last week.
My Eyre of Romance Shawl made from handspun.
Free pattern, great for handspun.
The edging on my Lyra's Song.
Lyra's Song.
My new baby!
She is a Tl Juki 98Q machine with a wooden Grace frame.
It is killing me that I have no time this week to play on her. I keep sneaking back there and whispering into her encoders that soon, soon, we will make beautiful quilts together.
I bought her used. I am so thankful for Elaine's husband and his being able to figure out all the technical hook ups, so that I could try her out. Then thankful again that my sweet Michael was able to take her apart and bring her to her new home and get her all put back together. My mind just does not work like that!
Speaking of my sweet Michael, he made me these for my workshop class. I just love how I can give the darling an idea and he can make me something that will be so helpful for my class. He made about 20 or more of these, extras for my beading buddies, too.
This is what they are for.
In getting ready, I have developed a horrible case of cast-on-itis! I just cannot figure what I want to take for my knitting. I have cardigan-itis, too. I am in the mood to knit a cardigan. I could not find one that I liked for the yarn that I have, so that meant I had to start from scratch.
Here I have a Cindy Lou Shrug on needles, a Lyra's Song Shawl in lace weight on needle, and a bohemian skirt idea on needles. I am sure that I will take the cardigan, the Cindy Lou and the bohemian skirt with me. The skirt is a bunch of brainless knitting that I can do in the dark.
Then there are the 3 projects that are in this pile of cast ons, that I have cast aside for the time being. A Lyra's Song in some sock weight Knit Picks yarn, a special shawl for a special friend, the Leaf Sampler Afghan waiting for an edging, and a Baby Allison Christening gown waiting for more yarn to be ordered. 


Delighted Hands said...

The pictures of the mill look like puzzle boxes! So very pretty!


Finally! Enjoy getting to know it and just see all the quilting you will do!!

boo4baby said...

I completely understand about starting new projects! I might not be casting on, but I have lots of things started. Just need to finish a few. Love this post!

boo4baby said...

And YES!!! So glad you got your new "baby!"