Tuesday, March 20, 2012


 I cannot believe that I have not posted in March at all! Where have I been? I guess my mind has been lost in the preparations of my upcoming workshop. Having computer issues has not helped my stress level on the preparations. I have my workshop copy sent and am assembling the kits and folders and tools. I am nervous and excited at the same time.
Here is what I have been knitting since last time that I blogged...............

This is one of options of edging for my workshop. I used some lovely silk noil lace weight yarn that a friend hand painted. I used size 8 beads on it and used 2 beads on each beaded stitch.
Here is a close-up of the edging.

Here is another "Through Thick n Thin Friendship Shawl.

I use two strands of lace weight black wool, with the thick part being a ribbon tube yarn with grey, black and silver sparkles.

Here is another one.

On this one, I used 2 strands of some blue lace weight and a multicolored ribbon for the thick yarn. The thick yarn is Lionbrand Incredible. This is the perfect pattern for this yarn.

I knitted my Sea Silk that Ben got me for Christmas. This is my shawl pattern called "Lyra's Song". This is a perfect pattern for one ball of this luscious yarn.

A close-up of the yummy edging!

As you can see, it is a substantial shawl. A lot of bang for the buck in this pattern and yarn. It is an exaggerated crescent shape.
I started this one Thurs night. Knitted on it in the car to and from Jonesboro for my Uncle Buddy's funeral. Then finished it the next day on a day trip to the Crystal Bridge Museum on Sat. It is my "Eyre of Romance Shawl". The yarn is some of my very own handspun!

These are some pics of the Crystal Bridges Museum. Lovely, lovely place. We are very blessed to have such an outstanding collect of priceless art in our humble state of Arkansas.


boo4baby said...

I've missed you blogging! So glad you are doing well and I love the shawls. So beautiful!

millymom said...

Glad you posted. I am taking your class at Fiber Festival at the end of the month, is this the workshop you have been working so hard on? If it is realize as a student I've followed your blog for awhile and if all you did was hold up finished projects, they are so amazing that would be enough for me. God has it all under control --so looking forward to it.

Delighted Hands said...

They are all beautiful shawls but Lyras song is amazing! You outdid yourself on this one!