Thursday, June 7, 2012

Summertime Dresses

Lately, I have not talked much about what I have been working on in the knitting/crochet part of my life. So, I will clue you in now.
Feast your eyes on baby cuteness!
My Summertime Dresses

Strawberries version

Fourth of July version

Watermelon version

Lady Bug version

Daisy version

Close-up of Daisy yoke

Close-up of Watermelon yoke

Close-up of Lady Bug yoke

Close-up of Fourth of July yoke

Close-up of Strawberry yoke

I love this material. I have had it for about 15 years. I have one piece left. I am saving it for my grandmother hope-chest.

This is set #2, for an older little girl.

Daisy version

Watermelon version

And another Lady Bug version

Fourth of July version.
Hope you enjoy the eye candy. I have 3 more set to go. Will let you see them, too.


Delighted Hands said...

Wow, I do not usually make so many of one item-but you have tweaked them so maybe that helps! Very cute-you have a beautiful collection!

millymom said...

HI Kay,
Thanks for posting such cool projects. I didn't comment on all the book stuff earlier either but suffice it to say it is all amazing, I have no idea how you do so much in the same 24 hours a day that I have. Also, wanted to let you know I finished my first Fiberfest shawl from your class. I loved the beading at the end and I intentionally used a smaller needle so mine is a tad smaller so it will be perfect on the shoulders at church in the summer in Texas. I will post it later today and link it to your group (remember I am HappyK) on Ravelry. I have 2 things to finish and I am putting another one on the needles in laceweight that I plan to make bigger. Have a great weekend!

boo4baby said...

Yes! Love these so very much! Wish I had known you when my girls were little. Love ya, friend.