Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Irons and Oars!

I have too many irons in the fire and oars in the water! So much so, that I am trying to paddle with the irons and stir the fire with the oars! Life for me is busy and full. What with, you wonder?
I am busy working on several new designs and ideas, started working on models for a new book idea (this one may take me a year to finish), got a baby quilt going for a new baby that is due any day, dresses for several others, etc.......
Plus, I am trying diligently to exercise every day of the week. It has been so unbearably hot here, no rain for what seems like weeks, over 100 most days, that I come home totally wiped out for most of the remaining day. Doing okay on my Weight Watchers. Not as quick weight loss as I would like, but am having progress in the right direction. I have not reached the 10 lb mark, yet. I took my measurements on my first day and told myself that I could remeasure when I hit the 10 lb mark. Lack .4 lbs to go. I only have a total of 22 to lose, so just need to be diligent and not lose focus. I am seeing a big change in my body, though, so that is encouraging.
Add all of that to the fact that we are remodeling Poppy's house for Ben to move into and you have one incredible tired woman!
Here are a few "before" photos.

Kitchen gutted.

A short nap! Remodeling is hard work.

Here is a new version of my Summertime Dress.

A new Shawl. This is my Lace weight Lyra Pi Shawl. Will let you know when it is available.
My friend Hope is doing my photography. Thank you Hope!

I am currently de-looming a bit. This one is for sale.
 15 3/4” Voyaguer Leclerc Workshop Table loom. It is a portable loom. Comes with a swinging beater. It is a four harness loom, with a 12 dent reed. I purchased the 5 dent reed, also, for thick yarn to weave quick scarves. I, also, have a warp board that I will throw in with it ONLY IF I SELL IT LOCALLY!
This loom folds up and fits into its own denim carrying bag. It is a great little workshop loom. Great for a first loom for beginners.
Everything that you need to start weaving, yarn is the only thing that is needed.
I will take off what I have already woven.
This set up sells for $818.00 new. I am asking $700, but will consider other reasonable offers.
I am wanting a new couch, so have to get rid of something, to get something.
Two inch (2") weavette loom.SOLD
 Two inch (2”) weavette loom. Like new. You can make some cute little squares on this loom. Put them together to make all sorts of things. Is a great loom for using up yarn scraps.
Asking $20.00.

Triangular loom. The short sides are 22” , long side is 32”. You can use this to weave shawls and blankets. You can use chunky, bulky or 2 strands of worsted weight. Make 2 triangles, sew them together and crochet or knit around them for a great baby blanket.
I am asking $35.00.SOLD

Okay, now I feel better having caught you up on my life.
Got a whole bunch more of the Summertime Dresses in progress, will soon post those, too, and the finished quilt! Off to sew!


shortoldlady said...

I'm interested in the triangular loom. I'm not local tho. Mailing an option??

Delighted Hands said...

Summer is supposed to be slower paced! Nice busies going on , tho, so that is good.

boo4baby said...

You look very busy! But always creating.......