Thursday, August 23, 2012

Fast and Furious

If there was a movie title to describe my life, of late, it would be Fast and Furious!
I feel as if I need to catch my breath, but there is no time. July and August are always like that in our household. Michael b-day is the 15th of July, mine is the 27th of July, our anniversary is the 31st of July (this year it was the big 30th) and then our family reunion in KY is at the front of August.
I added a workshop to the mix, right after the reunion. Of course, that meant that all my preparation for the workshop had to be done and sent to the yarn shop before I left for KY!
And this weekend is my husband's 35th class reunion and a Ladies Seminar at church. Plus, I am teaching Entrelac Knitting to some knitters at the Senior Center and going to teach it to Knit Unto Others in the late Fall. Also, I have book signings at several yarn stores all the month of October and a special trip planned in Sept to celebrate our 30th anniversary in style.
Other than all that, I am bored out of my mind!
Knitting is always happening around here and especially with road travel or any travel for that matter. I took lots of knitting with my to the KY trip. Finished a Christening gown, two shawls and most of a skirt. I felt as if my fingers were flying.
Here is my welcome sign for my workshop.
Here is Clair the owner of Knit Unto Others in Arkadelphia.
Here is my workshop in progress. The young lady on the right was a joy to watch. She  is quite addicted to knitting.

This is her mother. What a lovely pleasure to have a daughter that enjoys knitting, too. 

Uncle Edgar, Michael and Ben. He reminded us of Poppy. 

Remember the pregnant horse last year? Here is the baby. Isn't he beautiful. 

But nothing is more beautiful than this new addition to Randy's family.  Reese was precious!

My beautiful Kaitlyn

Ben after a wild ride through the KY countryside in a Rhino. 

Another picture of Claude

Aunt Ruby and her children and grandchildren

The new horse Daisy

Reese, she was so photogenic!

She had us captivated.

Michael and his cousin, Phyllis

Phyllis and her girls.

Randy and his girls.

Reese was solemn on Sunday. She was wearing a little dress that I had made her.

That is my life caught up, till next time.


boo4baby said...

Loved seeing the pictures of your class and your reunion. How fun! Glad you are back.

Delighted Hands said...

Oh, how the blessings abound! Very nice to 'meet' family. I hope the people in your class realize what a special teacher they had! Nice to have a post from you and see what you have been up to!