Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Book signing X 2

We interrupt these special Seattle posts to bring you some more important information........
I will be doing another book signing for my Knitting For A Cure book at One City Market in Rogersville, MO on Saturday, Oct the 20th, from 11:00 to 4:00. If you are close by, come and say "hey"! I will have all of the models from the book with me, so you can touch, feel and try on some of them.
 Now pics from my last book signing, some flower garden beauty and progress on Ben's house!   
This was the set-up that Bea had for me for my book signing last weekend at Knitting On The Corner in Hot Springs. 
Great space to display all the models. Yarn that could be pulled to go with the designs. 
Great ways to display.....

Head models for the stocking cap and hand models for the fingerless gloves.

Me, ready to sign the books.
A lovely time chatting about our love of knitting!
Thank you Bea for the great set-up .
Now for some pictures of my flowers. 

Just redid my pot sculpture with some mums and fall colors.
Added a pot of mums to the porch and some in the corner.
My Cocoa Kiss Rose that Ben bought me for Mother's Day 2009. It is so lovely and I enjoy it everyday.

Our basil and lemongrass has taken over. The bees are loving it.
One of my favorite butterflies.
She was on our Greg's Mist Flower.
Poppy's Lincoln rose that Mary Kathleen gave us to plant at Poppy's death. He would have loved that.
My purple sage is blooming.
And my rosemary. It seems that all my plants with purple booms are loving this time of year.
My oak leaf hydrangea that Ben bought me for Mother's Day this year has got new leaves. 
This stuff has just taken over the front flower bed. We keep having to cut it back.
My knock out rose that Ben got me this Mother's Day is liking where I planted it. 
The flower beds that I planted at Poppy's have survived and are looking good. Ben's Japanese maple is showing its lovely color. 
The front beds are lovely, too. It took a lot of watering to keep them alive, but it seems to have paid off. 
Even the roses like the place that I moved them to. I will dig these up in Feb and bring them to my house. Ben wants to put something else here in this corner of the front bed. 
I have finally found the time to start the big painting job at Ben's house. I have a ton of white trim to do...doors and all. 
The linen closet is fresh and clean and white.
The little built-in in the big bedroom is all done. Just need to get new hinges and handles for the doors. 
The closet door in the big bedroom and the inside of the closet painted, too. 
We even have more kitchen progress. This is the counter that came in yesterday. Ben and Grace picked it out. This is the drawer pull that Ben picked out for the cabinet drawers. 
The cabinet with the eat-in bar. We will have to find some bar stools to go here. See the bead board under the counter? Of course all of this will be painted white. 
Here is the big view from the living room. 
Here is the view from the kitchen corner. 
 That is the progress so far. It seems like a lot, but not a lot. Michael and Ben will start working on the upper cabinets next. We have the dishwasher and microwave vent-a-hood in ready to slip into place. I will continue to paint in the bedrooms, bathroom and hall. Hopefully, they will finish the uppers by the time that I get done with my part and we can all finish the living room and kitchen together.
That is what I have been up to and other than that, I have been a slug. I will get back to Seattle next time.


Delighted Hands said...

There doesn't look like any slug time to me! Very nice to see the book signing, garden triumphs and the renovation work! Enjoyable.

boo4baby said...

Oh my talented friend.......you blow me away. Wish I could come by one of your book signings. Have fun!