Saturday, October 13, 2012

Seattle Day #2 Sunday

Sunday was just perfect, from start to finish. It unfolded in so many lovely unexpected ways and just kept getting better.
Sunday morning began with coffee at Stumptown. This was on of Michael's favorite coffee places in Seattle.
Their art work was the best, too.
 From Stumptown, we visited a wonderful church called Living Hope Bible Church. It was wonderful to hear God's word lovingly, carefully and faithfully preached by Pastor Joseph.
On the way to church, this passed us. I took a picture through the windshield of the car. 
Don't you love the goggles? 
We decided to hunt for a place to grab a bite of lunch before heading to Snoqualmie Falls. We noticed a sign at an exit for XXX Root Beer Drive-In. We are frosted mug root beer fans and we love burger drive ins so we were thrilled to have seen it.
The place was packed!
There was memorabilia all over the place, walls, ceiling, windows!
This was a sign that was on the window as you come in. 
Lovely root beer, smooth, frosty and cold!
And the sign was right, but boy was it good to me.
 The place was packed for another reason. There was a hot rod show going on in the parking lot. We love antique car shows as much as we do burgers and frosted mug root beer! So here are a few of my favorite ones and some really cool ones, too.

This one should have come home for my friend, Kathie.
Isn't she just lovely?
Remember the car that passed us on the way to church? Well, it was headed here. 

Now, this one, I could just look at it all day!
The falls. Apparently, this is not as large as it gets in a rainy season. If you google Snoqualmie Falls, you will see what I mean. 
Michael and I in front of the falls. I love waterfalls. I will go out of my way to see one. This one was so different from our lovely Cumberland Falls in KY.
Another tree with some of those lovely visible roots.
This is the inside of the Salish Lodge and Spa that is at the top of the falls. It was a really elegant place. 
Another picture of the inside of the Lodge. 
I fell in love with these evergreen trees. I have no idea what kind of tree they were. Their limbs just draped like swags and were so lovely to see. So different from our pine trees. They were everywhere. I could just image them draped with snow and they were everywhere. I will have to do a design with them in mind. 
We left the falls and drove in to the city of Snoqualmie and came across a train that you could ride! I told Michael that we had to ride it. We road a train on our honeymoon 30 years ago, so it was destined for us to get to celebrate this occasion with another train ride.

It was definitely an old one, but that was it's charm.
Looking down the center aisle of the train.
Passing by little towns.
I am so content here. The breeze is blowing in from the window, my sweetie in sitting across from me and I am as relaxed as an overdone noodle! And I didn't even have any knitting with me!
Another view from the train window. In the distance is the two mountains that they used on the show Twin Peaks

See why it was a perfect day?


Delighted Hands said...

Oh, just beautiful! I have been to the Falls and the lodge! We went in the Spring and the Falls were much more exuberant. So glad the trip was perfect-I would have enjoyed the cars, too, but I am surprised there was an absence of knitting!

boo4baby said...

Does look like a perfect day! I especially love the last pic and the words you used to describe it.

boo4baby said...
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jpam1966 said...

I'm from Seattle and I knit and I'm loving your blog!
Those are cedar trees. They smell amazing and we always bring some branches inside at Christmas to decorate.