Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Seattle and Beautiful Victoria, Day #6

Victoria was so wonderful. I started to say it was my favorite day, but I could not choose which day of our Seattle trip was my favorite. I loved all of them. I think what made me love them all was that I was sharing them all with the love of my life. 
Here I am outside of Pescatores. The place we ate at the night before. My mouth waters thinking about that dinner!
We got up early and headed out for breakfast at Murchie's. Michael was disappointed that their pot of tea came from a bag! I had coffee. I am a true southern girl. I like my tea iced and my coffee hot!
I am casting on a pair of fingerless gloves. I bought the yarn the day before at  the Beehive Wool Shop
The next few pictures are of the goodies on display at Murchie's.

Here is Michael shopping for tea for Grace. 
Victoria was full of eye art. I loved this metal tree sculpture. 
We bought Ben an Irish hat at this shop. 

See how cheap gas was on Victoria? Hee hee, this is per liter!
We went back to the hotel, cleaned up, packed up and headed back to the yarn shop to have my yarn wound , so that I could cast on my Stripe Study Shawl to start knitting it while in Victoria!
This was a wonderful yarn store!

These are some pics of Victoria that I took as we walked around. I really look forward to going back and staying more than 2 half days.
The Empress, where you can have high tea!

Beautiful tree.
Fun art with flowers.
We bought our tickets for the ferry ride back to WA and checked our car in at the ferry parking and headed to grab some lunch.
This was our last stop on Victoria, Red Fish Blue Fish, for some proper fish and chips!
This is where I was sitting when I cast on my Stripe Study Shawl with my new yarn!
Michael was in line to order our lunch, while I was knitting.
Birds everywhere wanting a handout!

Real, REAL fish n chips! We have cod, halibut and salmon, I think. They had a wonderful sauce to dip it in and it was NOT tartar sauce!
Yep, he was begging!

And still begging! Finally had to shoo him off. 
They had street performers and vendors along the pier. 
Time passed too quickly and we had to get to our car to wait for the boarding  on the ferry. 
Here we go, again!
Clear and cold. 

Boat houses. 
Leaving a part of my heart in Victoria!
Very good progress on my shawl! It was cold up here on the top deck  and we got run off by the cold and some smokers. 

And we are back in the States!
WA has lots of these lovely metal bridges!
Here I am on Bainbridge Island at Churchmouse Yarns and Teas.  I bought a lovely skein of American made wool for another pair of fingerless gloves. 
Finally back in Seattle. In a somber state of mind, knowing that tomorrow will be our last full day in Seattle!

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Delighted Hands said...

Very nice attractions, for a city! lol I love your perspective on your travels.