Thursday, March 28, 2013

March Update

This is my March update post. I wanted to let you know that my blogging may have been negligent, but my knitting has not. I have been trying to play catch up on gift making, doing homework for some upcoming classes at DFW Fiber Fest. And I have even thrown in a little cleaning and organizing along the way.
First the cleaning and organizing.
This is my gift wrap, photo album, misc holiday decor, holiday flags, candles and light bulb closet. Trying to find a gift bag or wrapping paper or a box for a gift was a challenge. 

Here it is all cleaned out. It has been a long time since I saw the floor of this closet!
This is all the stuff that was in THAT closet!
Here it is an organized mess. 
I had these wire storage cubes that were the perfect fit for this wall of the closet. I had plenty of  cubes to organize boxes of photos. Next on the agenda is to go through the photo and organize them. At least now I can get to them. 
A new baby design. It is call Little Spring/Autumn Cardigan. Of course, this is the spring version. I have some orange ready to make the Autumn version. 
I had to make a pair of matching shoes for the cardigan. I am, after all, one of those matchy-matchy southern girls. The shoes are my Crocheted Loop Lace-Ups. I will soon be publishing them, 4 other shoes and a hat in a pattern set. I will let you know. This gets me caught up on all the new babies at church. Next comes 2 wedding this spring, so now I switch gears on kitchen potholders and dishcloths. 
This is some lovely lace weight bamboo/cotton that I bought last year at DFW. It was very, very thin. I used a double strand to knit my Intrigued With Beads Shawl. I am not even blocking this one. The cotton/bamboo yarn drapes so perfectly and the beads give is the perfect weight to be flouncy! 
Lace and beads make a fan and feather st lovely. 

This is some more of the same bamboo/cotton yarn as the green above. This shawl is my "It's All About The Bling " Shawl. I haven't published this one, yet. It is a labor of bead love to make this one. It takes 500 yards of yarn and 705 size 6 seed beads. 420 Of the beads are in the body of the shawl. These are all put on individually with a crochet hook (size 12) and the last 285 are threaded on the end just before the bind off. You settle a bead in place every other bound off st. It is SO worth it. This yarn and the weight of the beads makes this one of those twirly shawls. I did not block this one, either. This yarn just does not need it. I will definitely be bring home more of this yarn. I need to find a wonderful purple for a dear lady at church. 

The red and green are so outside my color preference. I made a change in choosing both. I am so glad that I did. I will be wearing this red one to DFW. It is such a WOW shawl. 
This one is an experiment. I call it my Odd Ball Shawl. I intended this one to be for those odd balls of yarn that we bought with no clue of what we were going to make with them or a half ball of left over sock yarn. I did not block this one, either. I did not want to ruin the lovely ruffle. I just pressed it with the iron. I would only recommend this on 100% wool. 

 And now you know what I have been up to.


Delighted Hands said...

It is a wonderful catch up! I knew you hadn't stopped knitting! The baby outfit is adorable, the shawls very pretty-I especially like the green one!

boo4baby said...

I've missed you, but sure love seeing what you've been up to! I love, love, loved little Leah's sweater on Sunday! So adorable! I HAVE to learn to knit!