Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Goodbye 2013, Hello 2014

The blessing of having a blog is the ability to look back on the year. My memory is rubbish in this "mentalpause" stage of life and my blog reminds me of a whole bunch of things that I easily forget. Although I did not post but 20 times this year, when I go back and read those posts, it jogs my memory of the things that were going on behind the scenes of those posts.
My January posts reminded me of the kindnesses of God from the following year, of our Seattle trip and the warm fuzzies that I still get when I think of that trip, of still having and enjoying and reading my treasure trove of Puritan books, of rejoicing with Ben and Grace in their announcement of their engagement.
My February posts reminded me of my struggle and longing for a godly balance of my ministry of being salt and light to everyone who God brings across my path, of the joy of being able to use my gifts and talents in crafting to bless others and teach others.
My March post reminded me of  how seldom I get the cleaning bug, but the amazing difference that it makes when I do, of new ideas in designs to bless others with, of preparations for Dallas Fiber Festival.
My April post of our last day in Seattle and the joy of that all over again.
My May posts reminded me of our nature hikes, the beauty of Arkansas, the joy of digging in the dirt with my son and planting memories that bloom year after year, of trees planted when a son is young and seeing how both of them have grown in 10 years, rejoicing in how God makes that happen.
My July posts reminded me of our celebration of another year of aging for Michael and me and our 31st year of God's kindness in giving us each other.
My August post reminded me of the preciousness of family that is far away, of family members who have passed away and of new babies that have joined the family.
My lack of a September post reminds me how full and crazy busy that month was, of how much mental and physical energy it takes to remodel a house, of now having a daughter, of the joy in seeing Ben and Grace enjoy the fruits of that labor in their new home as man and wife.
My October post reminded me of all the prep of Sept, the remodel, the rehearsal dinner, the wedding.
My November post reminded me of the blessing of planning that get away for Michael and me right after the wedding, of the joy of celebrating an empty nest with a man that I love being with.
My December post reminded me of the blessing of an ice storm that threw off all party planning and yet was such a sweet time of needed rest, of making a quilt with Grace, of taking Grace to Silver Dollar City to see the Christmas lights!
2013 has been a rich full year, a precious year.
As I think back over it, I thank God for my Michael, my Puritan books, my Son and our new daughter, my precious church, my precious godly friends, my extended family. I am so blessed, so very blessed!
Happy New Year from our family!

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Delighted Hands said...

Here's to 2014! I like the way you did the recap of the year-good way to remember the blessings...