Monday, December 9, 2013

It's that time of year!

Well, I am trying to be more laid back this year. Trying very hard. This time of year does not always bring out that quality in me. But I have been working a little along the way on Christmas knitting and I have pared my gifting down somewhat. 
This photo is for Danielle. It is some of the yarn that I bought on our South Carolina trip. I have used a bunch of the yarn already. The Silver Hempathy is being used to make a Dahlia Cardigan.  I used a few balls of the Bamboo to make one of these
I did this one with some of the Hempathy. You can see more photos of it here.
This is a new design that I just put up as a free download on Ravelry. I wanted to get it up in time for all of you to knit one for someone for Christmas. It is such a fun scarf to make. It is called "Just Roll With It, Baby" Scarf
On this one, I use 2 strands of some thin light fingering rayon yarn for the thin part and a ball of Bernat Colorama for the thick part. I used a size 13 needle.
On this one, I used Lion Brand Incredible for the thick part and Knit Picks Stroll for the thin. I used a size 11 needle. 
I found a new way to display my creche. I love it!
My mantle is so Snoopylicious!
I even made a shower curtain for the bathroom! I got kind of crazy with the holly leaves.

I even did a hand towel with the holly leaves on it. 
My Snoopy tree is in a new place this year. Now that Ben is married and on his own, he does not need a side table during the holidays. 

I just love cramming it full of Snoopy ornaments. All 150 of them!

We bought a new ornament at Charleston. It was hard to photograph. It is of the Rainbow Row. 
My cute little lighted Snoopy and two of his pals. 
My Charlie Brown Tree and my Snoopy countdown to Christmas ornament. 
Thursday night, we got a lovely bunch of ice. I say lovely, because it takes something like that to slow our hectic lives down. The kids came over on Thursday night, before it hit, and had supper with us. On Friday, no one was going anywhere. A lovely day of knitting, cooking, eating, watching movies with my Michael! On Friday night, we put a pork butt in the smoker and let it cook all night. On Sat, the kids came over for a lunch of pulled pork sandwiches and I helped Grace finish the quilt top for her nephew, Baby Jack.
Now, I am going to show you some of the things that I have been working on and adding to my gift pile!

Potholders, a Christmas tree one and holly ones. The holly one is made using this potholder and adding these holly leaves.
I made 3 of these penguin hats. 
Several of the "Just Roll With It, Baby" Scarves. Got several more on needles!
Dish towels with holly applique and hand towels, too. Adding the buttons for the berries really makes these so perfect. My DIL gave me this idea and the idea for the holly potholders. 
Slouch hats for my family members. 
More plain potholders.
2 Wingspan scarves. I cast on 45 sts for these. 
And here is my latest design! I call it Lyra's Cadence
1. Balanced, rhythmic flow, as of poetry or oratory.
2. The measure or beat of movement, as in dancing or marching.
I have been so enamored with the Lyra leaf. 

Isn't she lovely?

Well, now you know what I have been up to. I have a couple of Incognitos on needles and another slouch hat that I hope to put up as a freebie on Ravelry. Then I will be done with my gift knitting!
Keep this in mind!


Delighted Hands said...

I didn't realize you were a Snoopy addict! lol Very cute!

Nice to know what projects have been keeping you busy! Excellent knitwear as always!

Glad you are enjoying the month instead of letting it drive you crazy!

boo4baby said...

Love, love, love! Everything is beautiful, as always.

danielle said...

Your shawls are just after the other....I feel like I am watching fireworks " Ohhh....ahhh....ooh...." Your slouch hats are lovely too...heck everything you posted is lovely!