Friday, September 7, 2007

Can You Have Too Many Shawls?

I must differ with my friend Jackie on the "never too many shawls". Now if you had said, never too many leaf cardigans, I would have agreed with you. I have this problem with buying cardigans with leaf designs on them. I have about 7 or more and have a hard time resisting when I see another one. Christopher Banks is a store that always has leaf cardigans, Lovely leaf cardigans. I usually let myself go if they are on sale or clearance and save them for the next fall.
I will now list all my shawls. I have a (1) civil war replica shawl that was the first lace shawl that I knit. It took me 10 months and 3500 yards of yarn. It is huge and it has to be below zero to wear it. I would be able to use it instead of a parka. (2) A woven cream shawl that goes great with everything and is woven in a rayon loosely spun yarn, (3) a black, circular, spanish shawl, knit in lace weight wool, (4) a knit, ecru rectangular sampler stitch shawl knit in sockweight yarn,(5) a circular ecru shawl knit in a ramie/cotton yarn, (6) a black woven chenille with multi-colored and textured warp, (7) a black woven chenille with bling/bling yarn in the warp, (8) a hand painted square shawl in russet colors, (9) my circular leaf shawl in the photo at the left, (10) the rectangular leaf shawl, photo on the left, (11) the triangular leaf shawl, photo on the left, (12) an eggplant variegated triangular one with fringe, (13) a blues variegated one made from the "Lady of the Forest" pattern, (14) and the one on my loom that I am weaving in a garnet rust chenille with a little bling/bling in the warp. I may have missed a one or two more. Now mind you there are certain ones that I wear more than others. I have my favorites for special occasions and seasons. The Eggplant one and the Lady of the Forest one, I dearly love to wear. They go great with casual wear and are in my favorite colorways. Both are made with a sportweight wool-ease that at one time came in colors like the Shadow yarn by Caron.
Now tell me I don't have enough shawls. Leaf cardigans, NO! Shawls, too many!

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