Saturday, September 8, 2007

Lot Of KNITTING Going On

This last week and the holiday weekend gave me great opportunities to knit. We had a speaker for our equipping hour at church, so I took my knitting. Then again on Sunday night our speaker gave a report on his missionary work and answered questions, so I had my knitting. I take my knitting everywhere. You never know when you can sneak in a few rows and a few rows done is a few rows of progress. I draw the line on knitting during the regular church service, but if there is a question and answer session, a business meeting, missionary presentation or update, I knit. My mind processes so well when my hands are busy and happy.
Labor Day I ironed 2 garments, knit for several minutes repeatedly and passed the day smashingly. That night we met at a friends house for a meal and I knitted during our visiting and during a game that we played later. I finished my Baruffa shawl (all but the bind off) and felt relieved that I could pick out the yarn for my shrug the next day at my local yarn store. I have worked on the shrug off and on all week and am at the last 12 rows on the first half. I will probably have it finished by tonight and the other half in progress by morning. Yesterday, I sat myself down and made myself bind off ALL the 880 sts on the Baruffa shawl while listening to several Knitpicks podcasts.
I still have not made anymore progress on the circular alpaca shawl edging, but maybe this coming week. Am off to finish those last 12 rows and cast on for the second half of my shrug.


fleegle said...

The leaf shawl is super-spectacular! What yarn and color did you use?

Natural State Knitter said...

Which leaf shawl? I am thinking that you are talking about the circular one? If you will look under the September 3rd blog, it gives the colors and yarns that I used for all three of the shawls. I checked out your blog. What patience you must have! I don't take well to knitting with cobweb weight yarn and yet, you go even smaller. Bravo!!!!!

Natural State Knitter said...

Sorry, I forgot to say thank you.