Monday, September 3, 2007

Finally some pictures of my knitting!

I thought I would share some pictures of my 3 favorite shawls. The Circular Leaf Shawl is made in a 2/8 shetland wool that is close to a sock/fingering weight yarn, in a wonderful, rich terra cotta color. The Triangular Leaf Shawl is made in a sock/finger weight natural colored wool yarn. The Rectangular Leaf Shawl is made in a 2/14 wool/silk blend yarn that is a light taupe. As you can tell, I love the leaf motif design and use it whenever I can. With the right yarn, it is lace knitting heaven!!!!!! Enjoy (click on the picture to get a bigger view of the detail)! By the way, I did finish the vest last night. I will try to get a picture of it after it is blocked. I have 3 more rows on the Baruffa Square shawl; then the bind off! The pictured shawls are not the shawls that I have been working on for my book. They are my "I love knitting, I love autumn, just for the joy of knitting" knitting. We all have those projects. They are what makes us happy knitters.


fleegle said...

Aha! Found it. Sort of. Brand names would be a nice addition :)

Natural State Knitter said...

Both of the yarns that I used to make the circular and retangular shawls were bought from Webs in the weaving yarn section. I bought them in cones. That was all the information on the label inside the cone. Sorry, I wish I could be more specific. I have made all 3 in sock/fingerweight and also in laceweight (not cobweb). I buy alot of my laceweight from Knit Picks. I bought some Jaggerspun zephyr, but have not had time to try it, but it is the same size as the Knit Picks laceweight yarn. Hope this helps.