Monday, October 15, 2007

Fall fun with friends

This is a picture of me and my buddies (Margie, me, Amy, and Millie). We had a great weekend of visiting Silver Dollar City and shopping. The weather was perfect. Thank you Henry, Dave, and Love for letting us go! We were celebrating Amy's birthday.

This is some lace weight wool that my buddy Linda gave me. I plan on over-dyeing it. When I do, I will show you the before and after pictures. I love variegated yarn. It is such a joy to knit with, to see how the colors interplay with each other.

This is my friend, Linda. Her specialty is teaching flax spinning/dyeing/weaving. She is a "Little Red Hen". She grows the flax, spins the flax to make linen yarn/thread, and weaves the linen into garments. Here she is spinning some Merino wool from her sheep. Her website is

This is another friend, Donna. Her specialty is weaving/spinning/dyeing. I have several of her creations. Her husband, Gary, makes wonderful crochet hooks and knitting needles out of exotic woods. Her website is Her husband made her a gorgeous loom this year. I will try to get a picture of it next time I am up there.

My knitting progress this weekend was not what I thought it would be. I did, however, almost finish a pair of socks. I knit on my Elsbeth Lavold shawl, mostly in the car, but I knit on the socks as we walked around. I could hold the socks and knit them as I shopped, but the shawl was long and had to have a lap to hold it for knitting. I am almost finished with the shawl. I have about 20" more to go. I did make progress on it.
I came home with a new Leaf Cardigan. Christopher Banks had theirs on sale and it followed me home.
I found out this weekend that my local favorite yarn is closing its doors. I plan on going Wed for a yarn shopping expedition.


fleegle said...

You look like you had a wonderful time! And knit shawls in a car!Yike!

Do you stop knitting to eat or just shlurp between rows?

Natural State Knitter said...

This was not a intricate shawl. It is rectangular, in sportweight wool and only 75 sts across. The wrong side row is all purl between the edge sts. I have been know to knit a pi shawl variation, where the increases are not done in the lace pattern. And yes, I stop knitting for eating. I wish I would do less eating and more knitting.

Krista said...

Today was the first time for me to come across your blog! I loved looking at what you have been doing...and that picture of you, Margie, Amy, and Millie was a treat to see. We miss you guys!