Tuesday, October 16, 2007

"To block or not to block", says the blockhead.

Today feels like a blocking/dyeing day. I think I will clean the living room and lay out my blocking pads. The plain pi shawl needs to be blocked. I would like to see how it blocks out. It, also, is one of those shawls that I can put on blocking wires and stretch out, no crawling on the floor for hours putting a pin in every point. I have a shawl soaking that I am going to overdye to a darker color this afternoon. I will rinse it, soak it overnight and block it first thing in the morning. I will post pictures of the finished results. My loom room is still fairly clean. I have been busy putting increments of yarn in hanks in preparation for a full blown dye day this week.

I got the urge, yesterday, to start another project. I have finished all my lace projects. I only have the ones that I am doing for my publishers. I have only the edging to finish on the Elsbeth Lavold shawl. I will do that later today. I want to have a lace project for pure knitting pleasure. I wanted to start the Triinu's Shawl at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/laceyshawl/ . I even went as far as to join the group. The problem is that the shawl pattern costs $33 to order. That does not include the yarn. I paid less than that for my book "Victorian Lace Today" and it has about 35 patterns in it. I will get it back from a friend and pick a shawl to make. My new lace weight yarn is burning a hole in my knitting pocket!
I know that I need to finish the 2 entrelac shawls, but they are not lace and I so need a lace fix! I will be strong and try to make progress on those.

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fleegle said...

Don't bother with the Triinu pattern. It's unworkable as written. Some lovely woman in the Yahoo group regraphed it so the rest of us had something we could actually knit. It's pretty, but the price was too high for what you get.