Friday, November 16, 2007

Christmas Dishtowels finished!

Here is a picture of the Christmas dishtowels that I finished yesterday. It was a whole lot of weaving for 4 small towels. The overshot pattern is called "Star of Bethlehem". It is quite lovely. I already have the loom re-warped with some lavender silky cotton and am weaving scarves now.

I warped it for 2 scarves. I am weaving it with a nice variegated chenille in purples and greys. It will be lovely. While I was winding warp last night, I did another warp in a navy blue wool. When I am through with these two scarves I will tie on the navy blue pull it through for 2 more scarves. I will weave them with a variegated chenille in peacock colors. I always plan ahead in my weaving. Warping a loom can be hair pulling, so to tie on a new warp and pull it through is so much easier. This scarf has 84 strands in the warp. You have to thread each one of those through a heddle and then a reed, individually. It can take hours, but once you are done, you get to weave. I worked on a knitted lace scarf last night. Well, my Christmas weaving is not getting done, so back to the loom.


fleegle said...

Those are lovely! I gave up weaving years ago...I would rather look at other people's stuff :)

Kathie said...

Those towels are beautiful as is the scarf...gorgeous!!!