Thursday, November 15, 2007

Christmas Weaving

I am spending the day weaving. I am trying to finish some Christmas dishtowels so that I can rewarp the loom for some scarves. I love weaving ALMOST as much as knitting. Knitting is portable, so that makes it the winner. I am doing some red and green overshot towels (see October 4th entry). They are really lovely, but an incredible amount of work for a dishtowel. Weaving is like knitting, you see many projects that you want to try. You find out quickly that some of it is too much work for the finished product. I wove an overshot rug this summer and decided it would kill me to put it on the floor to be walked on. It was far too lovely. It would have made a great table runner, though. Sometimes you weave an item to get it out of your system. "Okay, I have woven a set of dish towels. Not crazy about that! May never weave another one!" You have knitting project like that. My first set of socks were, then I discovered "from the toe up" technique and now I keep a pair of socks going all the time. They are portable, brainless knitting and there are times when portable and brainless is just what you need. I listened to the Knit Picks podcast #24 yesterday. Kelly says that having 7 levels of knitting projects is optimum for a knitter. I think that applies to weaving as well. I wish that I could keep it down to just 7 items on needles.

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Julie said...

Hi Kay
My name is Julie and I'm from Vt. Would be interested in a pattern for the "toe up" socks. Have always been afraid to try socks but these might be worth a try. If you or anyone could help me I would love to try it out with some of my lambs wool that I am spinning.
Thanks, Julie