Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Lacey Lamb yarn, YUM!

I finished stripping border yesterday. Nearly worked myself into the ground, but could not seem to find a stopping place in the process. I am so sore this morning. The neck and shoulders are very achy, but the job is done. Now comes the painting, another day, perhaps. I plan on blocking a Christening blanket and starting a hat/scarf set for Christmas presents.

This is what I started last night to unwind. I am surprised that I could even knit. I was going to use my pink Baruffa, but I felt that the pink was too soft for my coloring. This is some Lacey Lamb yarn. It is a bit thinner and softer than the Baruffa (hard to imagine). It has more of a dusty pink color. I am using a size 4 needle and I am still waiting for my Knit Picks needle set. I wanted to be ready to transfer it to my new circulars when the set came in. Of course when it comes in, so does my alpaca yarn to finish the circular shawl for my publishers. I have made 2 shawls using the Knit Picks Alpaca lace weight. It has a lovely sheen to it. I have not blocked either. I hope that it blocks as nicely as wool. I prefer wool yarn. I love the feel, the warmth, the springiness, the way it blocks. I am so glad I am not allergic to it. I am wanting to try the new bamboo yarns. I am going to put some of the Bambu 7 yarn on my Christmas wish list. I think a shawl made in that would be yummy. I may weave a shawl for summer in it. There is one in the Handwoven magazine here. It is so hard to decide which colors to use. I am leaning toward #628 Walnut and #579 Hazelnut. It comes in 1 pound cones, so there will be enough to knit with, too.
Off I go to block.


fleegle said...

I thought the Baruffa was a bit limp, myself. I love Lacy Lamb! And that is such a pretty color of pink. It will be a lovely blanket. Is that what you are making? What pattern will it be?

Kay Meadors said...

Hey Fleegle; I am going to use various pattern stitches for a sampler shawl. It will be blocked to 50" square. That will give me a diagonal of 72" when folded in half. I plan on this being my spring shawl, very light and soft coloring. Thankfully, I have until Easter to make it.

Kathie said...

OH, I love that pink. You know I don't know anything about yarn or knitting but I do know the colors I love and this is one of them :)