Monday, February 11, 2008

Fingerless gloves

Here is a picture of the gloves that I made from the Mikado Ribbon yarn that I bought on clearance last week. I started with the cabled gloves from, but the cable was lost in the variegation of the yarn. I really like the easiness of this simple ribbed pattern. It is not quite as stylish as the cabled gloves, but if you are using a variegated yarn, this pattern is better suited. They are so quick and so comfortable. The cotton ribbon hugs your hand warmly.

As you can see, they have a lot of elasticity. This is the pattern that I will use for my hand spun yarn. I have already cast on and have knit a few inches. I did not think that I would care for fingerless gloves. I thought that my fingers would still be cold and unprotected. I have decided that the warmth that they give the rest of your hand makes up for that. These are great for wearing when you have a lot of computer work. They keep your mouse hand warm and allow your fingers to be free to type. These are a definite "must have" and "must knit" project. Dig in your stash and try these out.
As far as my other knitting goes, I am almost 1/2 way done on 2 Table Runners. I have fallen into the "having too many projects going at one time" problem! I hope to finish the 2 Table Runners this week and not start another for a while. I will probably concentrate on the Ribbed Fingerless Mittens for a few weeks. They are very portable, brainless knitting and the fact that they use so little yarn is an added bonus. I know that you are just itching to check out the odd ball clearance at your local yarn store and start a pair! Email me if you want my version of a Ribbed Fingerless Mittens. I did not feel that there were enough stitches on the patterns that I found and I wanted the ribbed pattern to continue into the thumb gusset.

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fleegle said...

Nice mitts, but your office must be cold!