Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Designing Fever

I have been busy cranking out designs. Have I gotten my designing passion back? I'm not sure if that is it, but I needed something to take with me for "vacation knitting". I had some new yarn and so I designed a sweater around the yarn. I have been playing with twisted stitches. I used that technique for my brown Lopi cardigan. I loved the results! Now I am working on a cardigan in Elsbeth Lavolds Silky Wool using the same technique.
When I plan my knitting for a trip, it takes forever to decide what to bring. Do I want to bring fun knitting? Design knitting? Luxurious knitting? Definitely I need brainless knitting.
I usually take 4-5 projects. Here is my list -- 3 skeins of Reynolds Odyssey for thick soft socks (brainless knitting), 2 skeins of Charcoal grey heather worsted weight wool for the back of a vest for Michael (brainless design knitting), a hank of 100purewool lace weight hand dyed for a shawl (luxurious fun knitting), and 10 skeins of Elsbeth Lavolds Silky Wool for a raglan cardigan (fun design knitting). You have to be prepared for road trips.
I, also, have been experimenting with dyeing and spinning. I am working on a technique to produce a nice self striping yarn made from hand spun singles. Here is a picture of some of the results. I am real please with the way it turned out.