Friday, June 27, 2008

Ready to dye!

I am ready to dye! I went to the Arkansas Arts Center to set up for my workshop tomorrow. I am nervous and quite giddy with excitement! It will a lot of fun. I have been told that there is a waiting list, so it looks like there will be another one soon. It really is an easy process. I can't wait to see the delight of the students over their hand painted yarns. I will post pictures, Monday!
I want to show you a goody that a friend made me--
It is a yarn bell. Beth, my friend the potter, made it. You put it over your ball of yarn and thread the yarn end through the hole in the top. It keeps your yarn ball from rolling all over the floor. I love hand made gifts. As an artist, I know they are gifts from the heart. She is Betlamb on Ravelry, a very gifted potter and pottery instructor. She teaches at the Arkansas Arts Center. If you have always wanted to take a pottery class, you need to sign up for one of hers.

Knitting Progress--I now have 29 rows to go on Autumn's Glory. I had to add 9 more rows to the pattern, so I have completed 19 rows since my last progress report. It looks like I will not be able to finish it this weekend, as the stitch count on each row is over 500. They are very loooooooong rows.


fleegle said...

But what happens when you want to put everything away? Seems like it needs a slot.

Kay Meadors said...

Do you put your knitting away? I have project piles and baskets of knitting projects. They are my babies!