Wednesday, June 25, 2008

You've got mail!

I was thrilled when the postman came by today. I was waiting for an order of beads from These are for a new shawl pattern that I have designed. I have named it "Arkansas Diamonds". I ordered 2 kinds of clear crystal beads and one black crystal. You can make this shawl in white, natural or black. I wasn't sure which color I wanted to do, so I ordered all 3 bead options. Did you know that we have a diamond mine in Arkansas? Did you know that you can dig for diamonds and keep what you find? I love my state. We have some of the most beautiful state parks. Our Ozark mountains are breathtaking. Anyway, here are my beads. Just what I need, something to distract me from finishing my "Autumn's Glory" shawl or light a fire under me to finish it.

I, also, got a package today that I was not expecting. Denise sent me a sweet care package! I LOVE lavender. It is the best smell on earth or at least right up there with cinnamon, fresh bread baking, apple pie, and Ben-gay ointment. I love the scented soaps. I love to keep them by my knitting chair and sniff them periodically. She sent me some lavender shea butter, some lavender lip balm, and three bars of handmade soap (lavender ylang ylang, lavender buds, and lavender chamomile). I feel so pampered!

Knitting progress--39 rows to go on Autumn's Glory.

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fleegle said...

You and Akami Knitter have the loveliest mail carriers! Wish mine would bring me something nice!