Monday, June 23, 2008

Dyeing, knitting, and spinning

Well, Saturday was a good day to dye! Beth came over and we spent a couple of hours painting yarns. She over dyed 2 skeins of sport weight for socks and painted a dk weight skein for a scarf. I painted a skein of lace weight, a skein of sock weight and over dyed a TOO bright job from my last dye day.This was a crash course for Beth. She is to be my helper for my Sat, June 28th workshop at the Arkansas Arts Center. Here are some photos of mine. Beth took her yarns home.

This was my yarn that was TOO bright from my last dye day with Cindy.

This is the way it looks with a black wash over dyed on to it. I love it!

This is some sock weight. The colors are orange, fire red and fuchsia pink.

This is the lace weight in "Kay colors", mulberry, olive green and terracotta.
Knitting Progress--I am now on Row 141 of my "Autumn's Glory", 49 more to go! I am loving it! The stitch count for one row is about 420 sts, but I did make progress this weekend. I hope to finish it this week.
Tonight--Cindy and Lisa are coming over with their wheel and we are going to have a spinning night. I am halfway finished spinning the roving that I painted for Nancy. I am hoping that she will have enough yarn to make a small shawl, but it may be only a scarf. Won't know until I ply it.


fleegle said...

Absolutely lovely!

Gina said...

Annie was standing here as I looked at your pictures - she loved the "too bright" yarn. I can only imagine how loud that would be if knitted. :) But it's pretty to look at un-knitted. :) I love how it looks overdyed and all the other colors are beautiful, too. I can't wait to see you next Sunday and hear how the class went!