Monday, June 30, 2008

To Dye For Workshop

I cannot begin to express how much fun my yarn painting workshop was. I think it has spoiled me from dyeing by myself. The excitement of the students, their use of colors and the results were perfect! I was amazed at the color combinations. They were incredible. It was interesting to see the unique yarn colors that could be made by primary and printer colors. I need this group of women to get me out of my "autumn" palette. I loved watching the thought process of everyone as they tweaked their colors. It was so exciting. Here is a link to some photos. I will share mine when I can get them downloaded.
I have to admit to being nervous. When you are doing a workshop for pay, you have so many "what-ifs". What if the dye doesn't set? What if I forgot some crucial information? What if everyone is disappointed in the workshop? My Michael was available in case I had to use one of my "lifelines" and "phone a friend". It is so nice to have a family that enjoys the joy that my fiber gigs give me. My Michael seemed as excited as I was and of course, Ben just accepts that this is mom's thing! I don't ever want to have the attitude that, "this is my thing and I will do it whether you like it or not". My greatest joy is the joy that I share with them when I am good at something. They are my first priority.
There will be more classes this fall. I am so blessed to be able to do what I love. Thank you God!
Knitting progress--Not a lot of knitting time this weekend, but a business meeting at church allowed me to be able to work on my new Trenna shawl. I have 8 rows left on my Autumn's Glory. It is now at over 600 sts per row. I hope to do more tonight. I hope to have it finished before the 4th of July holiday. I hate it when projects get to the non-portable stage.


Gina said...

Okay, now I'm REALLY bummed we weren't there Sunday night! I missed seeing the shawl live and in person!

Mary in AR said...

Kay, these yarns are absolutely gorgeous! Your students did a great job; of course, they had a fabulous teacher. I'm so glad it was a success. Can't wait to see your new shawl.

SSK* said...

Kay! It looks like you had a blast. What a pretty array -- wish I could have been there.

Stay cool in the heat! Joan