Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Autumn's Glory finished!

I finished Autumn's Glory last night. I have to admit to feeling a little blue in having it off the needles. Now I understand how Fleegle felt in this blog entry. I have tons of other projects and lots of self-imposed deadlines, but I really was enjoying the way the shawl was taking shape and the interaction of the color variations. I enjoyed the joy of knitting with the Schaefer Trenna, just knitting. The warmth of the Margo Jones colorway was so perfect. I just drooled with every stitch.
I cannot believe that I got this yarn in the mail on June 16th and started the knitting that night.
I'm too busy to block it this week, but will show it when I do. I am now off to the next deadline. I am working on a rectangular shawl in Jojoland finger weight. It is a sock yarn with a slow variegation of colors. It is a shades of green and lavender color. I like knitting with it, but would not do socks with it, too thin! Remember, I like my sock knitting to be dk weight.
By the way--you can now get the instructions to make Ozark Autumn. The pattern is now available on the Little Knits website.

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fleegle said...

I am so looking forward to seeing a picture of Autumn Glory (ahem).