Monday, July 7, 2008

Hectic holiday weekend; heavy knitting.

This holiday weekend was far too hectic. That being said, it was a great time of food, fellowship, fun and knitting. We had two gathering that we were committed to. We had a cookout with Lonnie, Mary Kathleen and the kids on the 4th. Mary Kathleen and I love to sit and visit. Then Sat, we made a trip to a friend's Lake Hamilton cottage for more food, fellowship and fun. On each occasion, I had many hours of visiting and knitting. Nothing thrills me more than fellowship and knitting. My friends know that I will have my knitting. I think they would take my temperature if I did not bring it along. So my knitting progress was great! I have 34 rows remaining on a triangular version of my "Autumn's Glory". I am making it in a Malabrigo lace weight wool that I hand painted. It looks a lot like their November colorway. I did not even have time to work on the Jojoland sock weight rectangular shawl, but I hope to finish both of these this week.
I have friend testing my Arkansas Diamond Shawl and I am so jealous. I have the yarn and beads to make it, but will not let myself start it until I finish these two. Maybe that will light a fire under me this week. I want to finish the Arkansas Diamond Shawl before my knitting group starts the Ozark Autumn Knit-A-Long at the beginning of Sept. I have to order me another skein of the Trenna and some beads for mine.
Silk yarn--Yes, my sister bought me some silk yarn from China. I hope it is not too thin to enjoy knitting with. She says that she bought some taupe, black and a rust. How much, I do not know. What does it look like, I do not know. She bought so much stuff that she had to mail it all to her home. So, I have to wait 5 weeks for it get shipped to her. Well, its not like I have any time to play with it. Maybe it will be here by my B-day! That would be nice!


fleegle said...

Gee Kay (fleegle rubs her eyes) it looks really really um, ethereal. Nice photos--I can hardly see the yarn :)

Gina said...

I loved seeing your knitting on Sunday! One of these days I'm going to park my hiney at your house and let you teach me how to do it! Heather M. tried to teach me back when I was pregnant with Elizabeth - it was right after you'd taught the homeschool girls, another friend tried to teach me when E was about 9 months old and promptly said, "You knit backwards!" So, I need The Expert to teach me! :)