Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Leisure Arts Yarn Link

My book is featured in the July Leisure Arts Yarn Link. If you have not signed up for this free E-newsletter, you really need to. It is not just about knitting. If you are into any kind of craft, you will enjoy it! It lets you know what books are coming out and there is usually a free pattern that you can download. This month they asked me to do a chat on the ease of lace knitting.
Knitting progress--I am finished with the triangular Autumn's Glory in Malabrigo lace weight (sorry Fleegle, still no photos). I will block it tomorrow. I am now working feverishly on my Jojoland rectangular shawl. I think I have been knitting too much, my joints are quite achy this week. I really want to start my Arkansas Diamonds shawl, but will not until I am finished with the Jojoland shawl.

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fleegle said...

Congrats! The shawl looks even better now! Hint!