Monday, September 8, 2008

Lavender Fields Shawl

The beginning starts here......I have the yarn!
I have the dyes! Now I need the time to combine those two.
I have the beads!
It is all at the graph paper stage and in my head. The color way will look like this. That is why I picked the smoky gray beads. It is called Lavender Fields color way.
I took a few days off from lace knitting. This is what I have been working on. It is a LARGE tote. When my friend Nancy was knitting this tote (hers is the felted one), she called and said, "Kay, this is HUGE!" We went over the whole felting issue and she kept knitting. I had started mine, so I took this "lull in lace" to work on mine. Hers is variegated with a solid contrasting color. Mine is 2 solid colors. I knitted and knitted and knitted. I called her and said, "Nancy, you are right this is HUGE!" I felt (no pun intended) as if I were knitting a garbage size bag! You can see the difference in the photo. It took 900 yards of worsted weight wool for the main color and 250 yards of the contrasting color. All I could think of while knitting was that I could have made a shawl in this time!!!!!
I will photo it after felting. I am hoping to stop the felting process when it fits a laptop.
Knitting progress--I am now back to working on a cardigan vest for my Michael (I love a man in a vest!). It is one of the designs for my twisted stitches book. I am also working on a shawl pattern for my publishers and an easy lace shawl pattern for a workshop that I am teaching in Oct. September seems to be jammed and October is getting there.
Check out this cute little pumpkin!


Chery said...

Oh, I love the colors for your Lavender Fields lace. Can't wait to see the WIP or FO.

fleegle said...

Beautiful colorway, Kay! As usual, you are making the rest of us look lazy :)

Krista said...

Kay, you are so talented! Everything you make is truly amazing!