Monday, September 15, 2008

The Traveling Shawl

This is about 50 Ravelry knitters from 50 different states and the journey of a Traveling Shawl. It's journey began in Arkansas and once it has been passed to a knitter in every state of our GREAT country, it will return. We hope to accomplish this in 1 year. When the journey of this shawl is complete, we will raffle it off and the proceeds will be donated to the Susan G. Komen Foundation. Everyone has been impacted in some way by breast cancer. Each entry will highlight the knitter, their state, and the person in whose honor or memory that they are knitting for. Enjoy the journey with us. Don't forget to get your mammogram.

Friday, when I was working on the shawl, I didn’t expect to be emotional. As I was knitting, I was thinking about my cousin Pam and her fears. I would like to share a little about the two women that I knitted my part for.
In Honor of:
Pam is 49. About 10 years ago, she found a lump the size of a BB. She went to the doctor and had a mammogram. It showed cancer. She was scheduled immediately for surgery. When they went in, they discovered it was a VERY aggressive cancer. If she had not found that BB sized lump, she would have been gone in a years time. The did a total mastectomy on that side, lymph nodes, too. I remember being at the hospital and being horrified at the thought of her waking up and finding out that they had no choice but to remove her whole breast. Because of the type of cancer, they and she had no choice. Thankfully, she is cancer free today.
In memory of:
Evelyn Howell was diagnosed with breast cancer and undergoing chemo when I met her at church. She stands out in my mind because I watched her bravery as she dealt with the chemo, the loss of hair, the weakness. Her attitude, her courage, everything about her was such a sweet, amazing testimony of trust. I watched that same bravery as the cancer later showed up in other areas of her body. She will always be to me the greatest example of courage in face of the devastation of breast cancer.
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fleegle said...

it's a sweet thing you are doing. However, I have to say I don't know anyone who has died from breast cancer. I don't like to emote on-line, so I am going to ask that you just put down my avatar name and nothing else. Home that's ok.

Gina said...

How beautiful! And when I saw Evelyn's name, I cried. I miss her. She was such a wonderful, godly woman.