Saturday, October 11, 2008

Just give me wool...

Just give me natural fibers! I have turned into a yarn snob. I have always prided myself on being fair minded about yarn content. There are times when acrylic is the best choice. I needed to make a size small model of one of my designs. I wanted to use a washable wool, but my local yarn store did not have any in a superwash, so I opted for a acrylic/wool blend. I worked a swatch and HATED it! It looked as if it had been through about 5 washings already. It was back to the yarn store! I bought some Berroco Comfort yarn. It was 50% Nylon/50% Acrylic. It felt wonderful to the touch and the stitch definition was great, but after knitting the garment, I can't block it! I learned a very valuable lesson--don't be in such a hurry to knit, that you have settle for some other yarn. It looks great, but you can't block acrylic or nylon.
Onto happier notes--
I did 2 knitting workshops this week. I did a lace knitting workshop at the Bryant Library and what was suppose to be a scarf knitting workshop at Benton Library. The lace knitting workshop was a lot of fun. I knew a couple of the knitters there (Kelly and Barbara). The Scarf workshop turned out to be a "teaching knitting" class. Only one of the students even knew how to knit and she thought it was supposed to be the lace knitting workshop. I learned very quickly how to have a knitting class. Barbara from the lace knitting workshop showed up at the Benton class and helped me with some students. Thank you, Barbara! What would I have done without you? I was outnumbered! There was only one of me and 8 students! Sometimes it is good to be stretched out of our comfort zone.
Here is a photo of the progress on my Knit-A-Long of the Traveling Shawl. I had planned on knitting 6 rows every time that it landed in a new state, but it is an addictive project. It flows off the needles and is a joy to knit, so I am already all the way to MA. I am using Jojoland sock yarn that I bought in Russellville, KY from Enchanted Yarns and Fibers.
Knitting progress--Still working on my scarf for my publishers (almost done with this), finished a youthful version of my Twisted Yoke Card, finished a pair socks that I started on my Silver Dollar City trip last month, started another pair last night, and slipping in a few rows of my Lavender Fields Shawl (need to be doing this).
Traveling Shawl progress--It has left Maryland, arrived in Delaware and is on its way to New Jersey, now! 7 States down, 43 to go! Check out our blog here.


fleegle said...

It's lovely, Kay. I am making a pair of socks with the Melody now, too. Feels soapy to me, for some reason, and very splitty. But the color changes are lovely.

Donna said...

Kay -- this is so beautiful. I don't know how you find time to do all of this. I have almost finished another sock--thanks to your help. Maybe I should try this yarn for socks too.