Friday, January 16, 2009

A Knitted Sontag or Tess's Shawl

I finished my new Shawl. It is called a Sontag. I have no idea where that comes from, since Sontag in German means Sunday. Maybe it was a shawl that was worn on Sunday. Not a clue.
I don't look very happy in this one. I probably was thinking about all the work that needed doing.

It is very nice and huggy! Very comfortable to wear. I am really surprised that I enjoyed knitting this. I HATE garter stitch, but sometimes it is just nice to knit without a thought in your head. It was a fairly quick knit. I know that it is a different color that last post, but I changed my mind on that yarn. I wanted something real plain for my knitting costume. I am working on another shawl in the hand painted. That will be my new brainless knitting project.
Yesterday, Michael had a business meeting in Jonesboro and I had the chance to go with him. 2 1/2 Hours of knitting to, 2 1/2 hours of knitting while he was in his meeting and 2 1/2 hours knitting on the way home. Ahhhhhhhh! Knitting heaven.
Now that I have that out of my system, I will get back on the Kid's Mitered Magic Cardigans.
Knitting progress: Nothing but Sontag.
Traveling Shawl progress--It is now in Dayton, OH. 22 States down, 28 to go! Check out our blog here.
We made it in another article. This time in KY. Check out the article here.


Delighted Hands said...

It looks so warm and snuggly-are you dressed for a re-enactment? Looks like you could be.....

Stephanie Ann said...

This looks really pretty, I've been meaning to knit one but I am not a very good knitter yet. Yours matches your dress perfectly. Good job on it. I love your blog.

Kris said...

Henriette Sontag was an opera singer who very much favored the "bosom friend".