Saturday, January 17, 2009

SOS for donated supplies

I am sending out a plea to all my blog buddies. I have an opportunity to be the craft person on a ladies retreat. I am sooooo excited on so many levels. Everyone that knows me, knows that I am stressing, too. This trip will be my FIRST time to EVER fly on an airplane! Thankfully, my Michael gets to go with me. I really wanted my first time to leave the ground to be with him. He and several men are going to be the chief dish washers and strong arms of the group. I will be teaching 150 Navajo, Zuni, and Hopi Native American ladies to make quilt blocks using the paper foundation quilting method.
I need the following supplies...
8 fat quarters per person (a fat quarter is a piece of material that is 18" long by 22 1/2" wide)
(if you don't have fat quarters, then just 1/2 yard fabric pieces will do nicely)
20 pairs of scissors (do you have any extras that you can spare?)
150--6 or 12" rulers
150 packets of straight pins (the kind that is on the paper strips would be great, too)
150 packets of sewing needles
150 spools of natural colored sewing thread
150-1 1/4 yard pieces of solid backing fabric (can be flannel, too)

Any of the following would be a great blessing to our budget. Please pray for me as I prepare to do this endeavor.


Jennifer said...

Do you care what kind of fabric for the fat quarters? I have a bunch of scraps in my closet and this sounds like a great opportunity to clean some things out while donating to a good cause. Let me know if you're wanting solids/prints and what types of fabrics are okay.

Jen A said...

Can you let us know what kind of time frame you are on? Thanks.

Linda said...

do you still need information about a Sontag because i have it. Are you am member of Ravelry because it is there also. please email me at if you want information.