Monday, February 2, 2009

Everyday is kindness

Saturday, I went to Mountain View to attend a Spin-In. I did a little plying, but no spinning. I just was not in the mood, so I knitted. I finished my garter shawl. I did not like the shawl collar that I had put on it, so I ripped it out and just did the blocked color accent that I had done around the bottom edges. It looks quite nice. I have to sit down and clean up the instructions and then I will put them up on Ravelry for a free download. It is a great pattern to use hand painted yarn on.
I came home to a package from James/Zortified in OR. He sent me some really lovely colors in fat quarters and they all go together so nicely. Here is a photo of them. Thank you James!
Today, I got this package in... along with a pair of scissors from Naomi/naomi608 in PA. There are some wonderful, crisp blues and yummy lavenders. I cannot be more thrilled with selection of all the colors. I am going to enjoy mixing and matching all the prints and colors.
I, finally, finished Michael clogs Friday night. Now to felt them and make Ben a pair.
Knitting progress: I am still working on Sarah's cardigan. I ran out of green and had to get some more. I lack 5 rounds on the edging, maybe tonight.
Traveling Shawl progress--It is now on it's way to Barbara in Woodstock, IL . She will be our 25th knitter! That means that we have reached our halfway point in the journey. Check out our blog here. We got featured in another article in MI. Check it out here.

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