Thursday, February 12, 2009

Too busy for words

I am up to my eyeballs in stuff! I have a bizillion things going on in my life. Preparation for a celebration of my father-in-law's 87 birthday, getting my quilting things together, cleaning house so that out-town relatives won't see what a slob I am......
The only time that I can think "knitting" is at night, when I finally can rest my dogs.
I have been making incredible progress on my Ozark Autumn remake. I had just not cared to work on it for a while, now it is what I want and need to knit. No thinking, just knitting and making progress. I have almost 40" finished on it.
That is not to say that I have not been tempted to start another project. This weekend, I plan on starting a Scribble Lace Shawl with some of my knitting out-of-state relatives. I love this knitting concept and I cannot wait to share the technique with my cousins, Patty and Mary. My local dollar store had some Lion Brand Incredible yarn for $1.00 and I have CONES of some lovely thin rayon yarn in a wonderful, rich cordovan color.
Off to go finish Poppy's Birthday dinner.....
Supply gathering progress--It is looking good. I hope to spend Monday doing a count of where we are, but it is looking good. This is my revised list as of today....
fat quarters --
my fat quarters are looking good!
scissors (we have ALL the scissors that we need)
6 or 12" rulers (I have my rulers covered)
straight pins (the kind that is on the paper strips would be great, too)
packets of sewing needles--We have all of these covered!
spools of natural colored sewing thread
100-1 1/4 yard pieces of solid backing fabric (can be flannel, too)

Traveling Shawl progress--It has been to Emily in MO and is now on its way to Atlee in MS. 26 Down and 24 to go. Check out our blog here.

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