Friday, February 20, 2009

Moda Dea Tweedle Dee for pain

Friday, I purchased a pattern. My BFF (best fiber friend), Cindy was the instigator. She wanted to purchase some Noro yarn (I won't even show a link of this yarn, it is too addictive to show). I sent her some links to cardigans made with that yarn. She fell in love with Petra, not just Petra, but KnittingDivaGirl's and Yarnhog's versions of them. I have always LOVED cardigans, almost as much as I do lace shawls.
Being the frugal/cheap knitter that I am, I opted for a yarn that I already had. I purchased some extra from Knitbusy on Ravelry and I was set. I am so NOT disappointed in this yarn or the effect that it gives the diagonal elements of this cardigan. I have heard that Moda Dea is discontinuing the Tweedle Dee and to myself I am thinking, "this cardigan could cause sales to skyrocket"!!!! If you love it, you had better buy some while there is still some available. I am thinking that my next one will be in the Surf n Turf colorway. It will look great with blue jeans.
This has been my distraction from pain knitting. This was one of those weeks when I had a spinal injection scheduled for today. That always means 3 days with no Advil or Ibprofen (I am allergic to Tylenol). I was hurting "like a gertin in a curtain". The fact that there were several fronts coming through did not help the pain problem. It even hurt to rub lotion on after a shower! But this cardigan did a good job of distracting me. I could hardly put it down! Who knew that pain could get me such a lovely cardigan!
Thanks Cindy for causing me to have to have this pattern, thank you CocoKnits for Petra, thank you KnittingDivagirl and Yarnhog for your versions, thank you Moda Dea for Tweedle Dee, but mostly thank you God for the talent of being able to knit, what a wonderful blessing to be able to take string and sticks and create such useful and beautiful things.

Check this out: This is called the Smitten Mitten. I love this and of course, it is another pattern by Cocoknits. I didn't get to do my usual ODE TO LOVE to my honey Michael. But I would love to make us a pair of these. Life was too crazy with party preps for his dad's b-day. Traveling Shawl progress--It has made it to Bonnie in LA. 28 Down and 22 to go. Check out our blog here.


K said...

The sweater is beautiful!!! How are you feeling now that you have had your shot?

Knitting Diva said...

Your Petra is working up beautifully. I can relate to all the knitting fun you are having with this piece!