Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Quilt supplies all packed and sent to NM

Well, I had a photo of the 7 computer paper boxes all stacked against the wall, but I can't find it. Maybe I deleted it by mistake. Doggy, doggy, doggy......Oh well, I am relieved to be done with that part. It was much more time consuming than I had first thought. I could not have done it without the kindness and generosity of so many people.
I want to thank...James/Zortified in OR, Naomi/naomi608 in PA, Beth ( my potter buddy), JenR from church, Karen/KBentley in WA, Patricia ( a member of one of my Fiber Guild), Pam's mom, Glassneedle/Rena in NY, my BFF (best fiber friend) Cindy, April in ME, and turtletrackz/Beth in TN.
I, also, want to thank Ruby for her donation to buy ziplock bags and more solid fabric fabrics.
Thank you to all my care group ladies who threaded the 300 needles.
Thank you, Nancy A, for the day that you gave me.
The biggest thank you goes to my buddy Nancy B. Without her, I would have despaired. She was one lean, mean, working machine. She kept me on course with needed encouragement every step of the way. Whatever I needed her to do, she did it.
Please pray for me as I go to teach these ladies.
When I return, I will have to get ready to teach a class at church for our Ladies Night Out in May.
Knitting progress: I wish I could tell you everything that I am knitting on right now, but I have too many projects on needles. I have been crocheting a lot, too. I have been working on some cute cotton Yokes in the Jane Austen style for my girls, Emily, Sarah and Zoe. I can't wait to show them to you. You will have to wait until I have time to sew the fabric skirt onto them. I am almost finished with another version of my Simple Colorplay. I hope to finish that tonight. I have started a different version of my Simply Pi. This one is a half version and I am calling it Simply a Piece of Pi. Cute, huh? I plan on knitting on this on my trip. It will be brainless, lovely, lace knitting.
I spent Friday of last week and today dyeing some Alpaca finger weight yarn for Denise. I cannot wait to show you that. I ordered some Comfy cotton/acrylic sport weight yarn from Knitpicks and have started another of my Twisted Stitches designs. This one is a cardi-wrap for all year wear. I finished the Twisted Yoke on another cardigan in a smaller size in Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride Bulky yarn. I needed yarn amounts for my pattern.
Traveling Shawl progress--It is now with AkamaiKnitter in HI . She is our 36th knitter! Check out our blog here. We got featured in another article, this time in The Denver Post. Check it out here.

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Jennifer said...

Ooh! What class are you doing for the Ladies Night Out? Can't wait for that one! :)