Wednesday, April 15, 2009

What a great day and way to dye!

I wanted to show you my dye job. Denise gave me a cone of Alpaca finger weight yarn. It takes dye like a dream. These are a special order for Denise. I had lunch with my fiber friend, Cindy, and she loved them all, especially the green/turquoise one. She was going on and on about how good I had gotten at dyeing. I have to tell you, as I told her, it this yarn. I have never had a yarn take dye like this stuff. It really makes you look like you are a great dyer. Every hank was eye candy! Denise is like me, she likes the semi-solid, tone-on-tone yarns. She is probably drooling over her monitor.
Here is a photo of my latest favorite, casual shawl. I wore it like this the other day and fell in love with the style. I am enjoying getting to wear it while the weather is still chilly. I will mourn when I have to pack up my thick wool shawl until the fall. I have already mourned over not being able to wear my wool socks.

I finished another version of this shawl last night. I need to give it a gentle blocking and I will show it to you tomorrow, hopefully. It has a different shape, but can be worn like this one, sontag-style. I am really getting into this style of shawl. It is so comfortable, chic, snuggly and I love how it hugs your body.
I'll show you my other hank of yarn tomorrow, too. It is in luscious terra cotta clay shades. Yum!


Delighted Hands said...

The dyed yarn is so deep and rich-great job! The shawl looks like the one the main character, Amy, wears on the latest Masterpiece Theater, Little Dorrit! Beautiful!

gramajan13x said...

Hi, Where did you get the pattern for this beautiful shawl?
ALways Jan