Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009 In handmade/knitted/crocheted/quilted

This is my 2009 list of knitting/weaving/handmade items:
1. In the Pink shawl
2. Emily's Mitered Magic Cardigan
3. Tess Shawl or Sontag Shawl
4. The other clog for Michael
5. Simple Colorplay Shawl
6. Sarah's Mitered Magic Cardigan
7. Petra Cardigan
8. Ozark Autumn remake
9. Crocheted Tess Shawl
10. Worsted Weight version of Tess Shawl
11. Diagonal Jacket sewed together
12. Twisted Yoke Cardigan in brown Lopi
13. Scarf version of the Traveling Shawl
14. ZigZaginess Shawl
15. Triangular Leaf Shawl in Jojoland yarn
16. Jane Austen Yoke for Emily
17. Jane Austen Shrug for Zoe
18. Jane Austen Yoke for Sarah
19. Jane Austen Yoke for Zoe
20. Butterfly Colorplay Shawl
21. Strawbery Yoke dress
22. Pink Plaid Yoke dress
23. Fourth of July version
24. Lady Bug version
25. Watermelon version
26. Green Yoke version
27. Woven Shawl on Tri loom
28. First Shawl for Carol
29. Piece of Pi Shawl
30. Mary Kathleen's Nightsong
31. Table runner
32. Scribble Lace Shawl
33. Lavender Fields Shawl
34. Pink Heart Quilt
35. Sweet Little Nothing
36. Sweet Little Nothing for little girls
37. Rose colored Sweet Little Nothing
38. Brown Peasant skirt
39. Fence Rail Baby Quilt
40. Hey Teach cardigan
41. Sweet Little Nothing for Lindsay
43. Cindy's Twisted yoke Cardigan
44. Sweet Little Nothing for Stacy
45. Overshot Rug
46. Dress to go with my Rose Sweet Little Nothing
47. Love Affair in Lace Shawl
48-50. 3 more Overshot rugs
51. Blue Heron Nightsong
52. Daisy shoes
53. Cute as a bug Shoes
54. Cute as a bug Cardigan
Daisy version
56. Rectangular Leaf Entrelac Shawl
57. Triangular Shawl for Leisure Arts
58. Crocheted Shawl for Leisure Arts
59. Bradford Leaf Pillow
60. Ruana for Leisure Arts
61. Notes of Lyra Shawl
62. Crocheted Ribbed Bolero
63. Crocheted Semi Circle Shawl
64. Lavender Crisscross booties
65. Pair of socks (blue, navy, aqua)
66. Pair of socks bamboo yarn (tiger stripes)
67. Another Simple Colorplay Shawl
68. Finished the last rows of the Traveling Shawl
69. Another pair of socks (sportweight yarn)
70. Pair of socks for Sue
71. Quilt top for Craft Hope
72. Chenille Shawl on 8 Harness loom
73. Leaf yoked Cardigan for Teresa
74. Scarf for worshop/class
75. Quilt for Ty
76. Rambling Rows Jacket for Zoe
77. Leaf yoked Cardigan for me
78. Slouch Hat for Christy
79. Ecru Slouch Hat for Brooke
80. Adult Surprise Jacket
81. Quilt for Parker
82. Pair of Bamboo Socks
83. Ribbed Ascot for Sarah
84. Ribbed Ascot for Emily
85. Nightsong shawl in Bamboo yarn
86. Quilt for Bailey
87. Quilt for Katie
88. Socks for Grace
89. Fingerless gloves for Grace
90. Slouch Hat for Grace
91-110. Handpainted 20 scarves and shawls for friends and family
111. Chocolate gift bag
112. Another chocolate gift bag
113. Diana Shawl for Patti
I probably left a few things out, but for the most part this is good breakdown of my year in productivity.


Delighted Hands said...

You sluggard! What a wonderful variety of creativity...I see several things I want to try for this year-the tri loom being the first.

Laura G said...

What an awesome list!! I only have one finish for 2009. You are inspiring. And a big "Thank You!" for all the designs you put on Ravelry.

Lynn said...

Holy Moly! Did you really make all that? I think I completed one self fringing shawl, a pair of socks and a couple of scarves.....