Tuesday, July 6, 2010

One pound loss, good riddance!

I had a loss of one pound this week, 7 lbs to go. I did suffer a bit of a setback healthwise, so I am not sure that weight loss is really accurate, but I will take it.
This weekend we worked in Poppy's yard. We weeded the flower beds and put down new mulch. It looks really nice. I think Poppy would have loved it. He loved for things to look spruced up.
I finished my Soho Bulky Tweed version of my Leaf Yoke Cardi Vest. It is very me and I am sure it will be a favorite this fall. I plan on making a small size and adding short rows to the back neck and a double garter ridge to the leaf inset part of the yoke. I often find myself wishing that I had made it a little different. That was not the case with the next design..........
The shawl, Slice of Autumn, that I was working on, using Malabrigo lace weight, turned out lovely. I was very pleased with the results on this design. I am now knitting it in a sock weight yarn that is slow variegating and in shades of green. It will be my Slice of Spring version.
I am missing my desktop computer and am in the mood to get some copy down for all these designs, but isn't that the way things go.
I am still waiting for someone to give me an idea on a name for the Leaf yoked long sleeved cardigan that I am going to be working on next. What about "Fall in Love Cardigan". You know how I love that time of year, what do you think?
Oh, I finished one of my workshop shawls, too. It is my pattern, First Shawl. It is simplistic and lovely. I used a wool/bamboo superwash blend of a sock weight yarn in natural with pearl beads. I need to block it and the Malabrigo shawl.
I wish I could post photos, but when I get to, you will overdose on the visual blog!
Hope your fourth was a bang!

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Delighted Hands said...

Good news on the photos-I like visual! Sorry you haven't been in full health...it does make us appreciate feeling better! I love Fall, too, so will look forward to seeing what you have made for these new designs!